Nintendo May Fail to Replicate Wii Success as IPhone, Facebook Games Bloom

Bloomberg writes:-

"Takaki Kawatsu, a 33-year-old real estate agent, says he’ll be among Nintendo Co. customers who will pass on the company’s next Wii game console.

“I bought the original Wii because it was popular, new and seemed like a great item to have at a party,” said Kawatsu, who owned the game console for four years before selling it three months ago. “This time, there is nothing surprising or fresh.”

Kawatsu, who now prefers to play games on his Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone, illustrates why analysts say the Wii U will probably fail to replicate the original Wii’s success. Nintendo, facing mounting competition from mobile games such as “Angry Birds” and “Farmville” on Facebook, has tumbled 13 percent to a five- year low in Osaka trading since it unveiled the new console at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles this month. "

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RedDragan2465d ago

Yes, it is entirely possible the Wii U will not sell as much as the Wii. But when you have great success it is often difficult to repeat that later on.

If Wii U doesn't sell as much as Wii we should not look at it as a failure, because it is more a case of Wii being a completely unexpected success story.

Thus, Bloomberg, you are todays winner of the 'Truly Obvious Award', presented by Captain Obvious!

iforgotmylogin2464d ago

yea i agree with your comment, i doubt the wiiu or any console will be as successful as the wii ds or ps2. so everyone will say everything is a failure because they didnt get the numbers of the previous gen. but if you take in the case that of the sales of all consoles put together only maybe 40% come from gamers and the rest from casuals and stores and such.

i find it disturbing that some think iphone = gaming...

catguykyou2465d ago

Nintendo may lose a lot of it's casual market to those things. Hopefully that just means they will try to grab more core audience.

TheEatingChampagne2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Goddammit stop with those retarded articles!
The iPhone/Android/WP7 will never replace handheld gaming consoles..
Nintendo has nothing to be afraid of because most people I know only play games on their mobile phone during class or while waiting to the doctor..

RAmar1012464d ago

WiiU won't be as sucessful as wii, the wii has always been the cheapest console combined with family friendly games it was a hit.

I think wiiU will do fairly well its just I can't picture many ps3 and 360 owners jumping ship to get a wiiU, I mabey wrong we will have to see

One things for sure it will be more powerful than ps360, but that's the snag here, wii owners have to buy a new console to play ps360 style core games where as ps360 don't need to as all the 3rd party support will remain, still its exciting to see new hardware around the corner

iforgotmylogin2464d ago

i see alot of owners on the gamecube getting one. if nintendo markets it right, it could take over the wii's sales by informing the casual market about its upgrade.

SkylineR2464d ago

That's like saying PS3 is a failure because it didn't sell as many units or replicate the PS2's success. We know thats not the case.
Wii U will sell - we just don't know how well.

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The story is too old to be commented.