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Is this the same old Ninja Gaiden? Well no, actually it isn't!

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SuperSaiyan42587d ago

one on the original Xbox was the best, graphics were awesome, gameplay was awesome.

What I have noticed this gen is with the original Xbox there were games that were amazing visually despite the age the Xbox was like Ninja Gaiden 1 and Fable 1.
The only game I can think of that was amazing to look at visually was Oblivion yet sequels of games from last gen simply do not have the leap in visuals that they should.

Take Ninja Gaiden 2 for example that should have been far more amazing visually and gameplay for that matter from the first but it wasn't and with this 3rd one from what I have seen again it doesn't look that great also no monsters only humans to fight and kill not the same Ninja Gaiden at all which is a shame.

Captain Qwark 92587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

im not sure anything you said even made sense

anyway ninja gaiden 2 looked great your blind, problem with it was, it had a shitty story. other than that it was a very good game, lots of enemy variety, fluid fighting, good bosses and it was challenging ( except mentor difficulty and up was just cheap ). the camera could have been better but not nearly as bad as everyone made it out to be.

this new one however looks just like the second except worse due to lack of weapons, enemies, and story. also it is lame that they removed severing limbs and made it easy. looks like it should have been the first in the series not a sequel.

anyway im greatly dissapointed

Raider692587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Embrace the casual!Sad,no Decapitations or limbs cut,you only see red tint making it for blood but the actual effect of the sword cut like seen in NG black and NG2 its not there anymore.Itakagi vision will be miss and hes baby ruin for casuals.

DarkSymbiote2587d ago

The director of this game should be ashamed of himself for letting down his fans.

Solidus187-SCMilk2587d ago

guess I probably wont buy it then, and I bought the first xbox 1 version(that had all 3 of the old impossible NES NG games on it), NG2, and NG sigma 1.

I knew that without Itagaki the series would go soft. Im not happy about it but I will give it a chance. All I know is that im not as excited as I was when waiting for NG on xbox1 or NG2.

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