Electronic Arts Won Godfather Game Case Against Dilinger Family

Electronic Arts won the case after judge ruled that Dilinger family shouldn't be granted right of publicity statute.

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Neko_Mega2529d ago

Ouch, talk about a loop hole.

dc12529d ago

Very interesting stuff.
Although EA is not obligated,they should send the family a small token of their appreciation.....

Burning_Finger2529d ago

*Italian Accent*

"Where's my money?"

Jovahkiin2529d ago

This is interesting, why do families of the deceased always try make money of their dead relatives?

SuperSaiyan42529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

same could be said about why do game companies try to make money off the dead...

TheEatingChampagne2529d ago

Same could be sad about my hunger right now Im so FREAKING HUNGRY

catguykyou2529d ago

If your father was Elvis and you found out that a company was making millions off of his likeness, would you not try to get a cut of that? Especially, taking into account that you are now owner of all his assets. For most famous people, their likeness is an asset. That's why they put tigerwoods on the box of a razor. To sell razors.

Anyways, its the law. The only reason EA won was because the guy died before the law went into effect.

jdrman20072528d ago

The thing is EA arent using his likeness... Just the Dilinger gun. Doesnt seem like that big a deal to me.