Blizzard authenticator updates to "intelligently track" login IPs

No longer will you be asked to provide an authenticator code as much logging into World of Warcraft, if you opted into the system, as Blizzard updated it.

Now it "intelligently" tracks login locations for accounts, and if you're playing "consistently from the same place" it won't demand a code, making it "less intrusive".

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JD_Shadow2532d ago

Not sure what I would think about this.

On one side, it would be a very good convenience to some to finally be able to be secure with the thing while not having to enter it every time.

At the same time, though, issues are that this could backfire. With how creative CRIMINAL hackers are nowadays, you can never be too careful, nor can you underestimate how they can get you. They could use this as a way to see that you can be LESS secure and find a way to get into an account that DOES have an authenticator latched onto it. Of course, this could also lead to the new system not working at all if CRIMINAL hackers try to get into your account and are stonewalled by the auth, making you have to enter in the number every time, anyway, if the CRIMINAL hackers are persistent with getting into your account.

PS: I stress the term "CRIMINAL" in "criminal hacker" for a reason. I'll leave it to you to figure out WHY!

gamingdroid2532d ago

Thank you!

I'm very happy you used the term "CRIMINAL" hacker, because there is a misconception on this site that hackers are criminals which is ignorant!

Hackers will find a way, but this makes it a lot harder to guess your password/username combination from other sources.

nikrel2532d ago

RIFT did this first, and for free. It's part of their security. If you log in from another IP address you have to enter a code from your e-mail. It's a great system & it's FREE!

Rift has some cool stuff in it. I just do not like the Instances. The rifts are cool tho.