Why you should be excited for Saints Row the Third

TPV Writer Jonesy Writes: "Saints Row 2 is a fantastic game, yes it’s not to some people’s tastes but very few games in 2008 gave the player a chance to streak through the streets naked earning money, break up a fight between ninjas and pirates or throw yourself in front of cars to commit insurance fraud. Okay, no games let you do it in 2008 or since…until this year slated for a Q4 2011 release Saints Row the Third will inject the fun back into gaming."

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NoobJobz2557d ago

This looks good but why release in November, when every other game is coming out?

Spydiggity2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

The only real sandbox game though. I'll make time for it. Saints Row 2 co-op is some of the most fun i've had gaming this generation. played through it 3 times. :-P

Redempteur2557d ago

my prob with SR is that it's only a sand box game

it's cfun , yes but some people ( like me for example ) like a direction ("a plot").

SR is like "just cause 2" , a great sand box ..but nothing else

Spydiggity2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

"you gotta diversify your bonds, n*gga."

i agree with you. a game with good direction is great, but we're getting plenty of those. a li'l quality sandbox does a body good.

jaymart2557d ago

Why release it in November?

Cause the Saints got Giant Balls unlike some other games.

T-K47x2557d ago

Yes but having balls doesn't really pay off in the game industry. When you also have Uncharted 3,Skyrim, MW3 & BF3 being released in around the same time its not going to be on the top of a lot of peoples list. I think Im probably gonna wait until christmas as I will be to busy with U3 and Skyrim.

NoobJobz2556d ago

Those 4 games you mentioned plus Halo CE anniversary, assassins creed revelations, metal gear solid hd collection all come out in November as well.

nickjkl2556d ago

and yet there will probably not be a single fucking game coming out this summer

Fishy Fingers2557d ago

Other than Just Cause 2 (PC with mods) no sandbox game has offered up as much >fun< as Saints Row IMO.

2557d ago
RAmar1012556d ago

Saints row 2 was a good game but visuals were to rough with blandy areas, if SR3 can improve on that its a deffo winner