PS Vita New Video Released

Check out this new video for PlayStation Vita.

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sinncross2583d ago

This video has been around since E3, but I have a feeling not many people have seen it.

Anyhow, the social features could be great, especially with PS3/ PSV cross-communication, either via normal communication or multiplayer play.

TheBeast2583d ago

Didn't see it until now, thanks GB.

pangitkqb2583d ago

Freakin' awesome! Can't wait for my PSV!

Zeixama2582d ago

Everyone is praising the video , but the creative team behind this video deserves a great applause . It is not easy to make such attractive advertisement videos , need skills,creative minds and visions ... I hope we have color options at the launch of PS Vita , I would like to get a blue or orange one .

Wizziokid2583d ago

so excited to get my hands on this!

Zir02583d ago

Its worrying that Sony are making the same mistake they did with the PSP with Vita by putting console games on a portable. The majority of gamers would rather have those experiences on their HDTVs and Surround Sound systems.

Initial preorder demand has already plummeted and I honestly think the only people who will buy this are the diehard Sony fans.

On the plus side at least it has good launch games.

Wolfie2583d ago

well for me LBP looks more fun on Vita than PS3 ,i have LBP for PS3 but i will buy it for Vita too !

another example is Uncharted , yeah we have Uncharted Trilogy on PS3 so what? Uncharted Golden Abyss for Vita will feature new story, characters and gameplay elements (like camera, touchscreen controls etc) so it's totally new experience.

And for me graphics looks almost like on PS3. OLED screen is beast!

MasterCornholio2583d ago

Just ignore him. Everyone knows that the only reason why he posts in Sony articles is to troll them.

pangitkqb2583d ago

I want both a portable console experience as well as unique PSV only titles. In particular, I look forward to cross platform gaming between Vita and PS3. That's what I'm talking about! I could game with friends on their PS3's while I'm on the go.

Oxymoron0282583d ago

The reason for portable devices existing has always been because of this desire to have the console like experience on the go.

Also why is it people look at Modnation Racers, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted and Resistance and say that Sony are only porting PS3 IP's to the device?

The PSV has Gravity, Reality Fighters, Little Deviants amongst others as PSV IP's. Nintendo do this with every console they make but yet nobody complains about them doing it?

Double standards much.

blackburn102583d ago

It's just a stupid excuse fanboys use. Nintendo people accept whatever Nintendo does and accuse everyone else of doing exactly what they are doing. Sony is putting some of their best games forward, no different from what Nintendo does with their games for every system they make. But somehow when Sony does it iis a grave mistake and grounds to not buy the system. But I see the same thing with the 3DS. A new Mario, Zelda,Pokemon and Metroid is more then enough reason for me not to buy a 3DS. Why should I pay $250.00 for eyestrain and overmilked games.

Oxymoron0282582d ago

Thing is OoT3D is a remake at best as well!

Though I did love OoT to pieces and I am deffinately tempted to pick up a 3DS for it. But I'm going to wait for it to come down in price.

The PSV having more tech and shit for $250 and the 3DS having less for the same price? Yeah, right.

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The story is too old to be commented.