Duke Nukem Forever Review (Impulsegamer)

After almost 15-years, Duke Nukem Forever, the game that most people believed would never be released has finally hit our shelves. This game has been in the pipe works since 1997 and after so many setbacks, the King is back but just be warned... this game is not perfect. Even though the Unreal Engine which is behind Duke Nukem Forever (sorry Duke) is starting to show its age, my initial reaction to the game was... you're kidding me, this is it? Yes, we have been spoilt. In terms of gaming advancements, Crysis 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops are far superior games but something was missing.

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TheEatingChampagne2462d ago

Awesome review, I agree with you!
Finally someone who thinks differently than all those other reviewers that basically hate on it without a good reason

coolfool2462d ago

I like this review. It takes into account of the downfalls and fully admits that DNF falls down in a number of areas but it also celebrates what it is. Not forgiving it just more understanding it.