Mortal Kombat Patch Impressions

TheSixthAxis goes in-depth with the new patch for Mortal Kombat. Has the netcode really been improved?

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krazykombatant2442d ago

This is really getting to be a problem, if they don't fix the online soon, its gonna completely kill this game. Either fix it or expect people to be waaayyyy more cautious when you release the sequel for this one.

Furthermore, where are my free dlc characters. Come now boon, this is starting to feel like a massive disappointment. Although, the challenge tower if fun you over exaggerated the final price. Online is still shit, and the FREE dlc is nowhere to be seen.. I'm starting to get some second thoughts about having bought this game.

FlashXIII2442d ago

Already lost faith in Boon and co. Simply put they went with the "release now patch later" philosophy and when it's something is HUGE as netcode, it's just simply not acceptable. The game has been out a good while now and still they haven't sorted it and to add insult to injury, they're actually having the audacity to release DLC before fixing their broken mess.. they should go work with activision.

uncharted562442d ago

did u read the article?
it clearly says that 360 version is quite improved but ps3 isnt. input lag is a bit improved on ps3 but on 360 it is quite better.

Farsendor12442d ago

this should have come to pc i would have bought it in a sec im going to have to find some way of playing this

Denethor_II2442d ago

360's are dirt cheap now. You could afford one from a days wages working at McDonald's.

InfamousHero2442d ago

Yeah PS3 is unplayable for the most part. At least Super Street Fighter: Arcade Edition just came out :)

solidboss2442d ago

actually for me it varies on the ps3. just yesterday while playing player match 9/10 i got desynch when choosing a character or game session failed. BUT surprisingly there are moments when i am able to play a full koth game room with no lag at all. we just cant choose the mk1 characters or the game will desynch.