Trenched out this Wednesday for Xbox Live

Not mentioned in Major Nelson's blog.

"Double Fine, Trenched, will be releasing on Xbox Live this Wednesday for 1200MSP. Trench is a mixture of tower defence, third person shooter with RPG elements. Players will control a war machine ‘trench’ that can move around the battlefield when needed. Many customization’s are available for your machine and the game does support online play."

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Inside_out2407d ago

I really wish that M$ would of kept the Mech-assault franchise going. That game had some of the best graphics on Xbox 1. They showed a game play CGI ( I think it was CG ) in 2009 and never heard of it again.

Trenched and Hawken will have to do for now.

Hawken: looks great for an XBL title...

Psychonaughty2407d ago

The first interesting looking xbla game for me since Outland, the quality seems to of taken a nosedive this year sadly. I've got 2000 points to spend, help me out Microsoft! Saying that, I think the quality will be much better this summer what with summer of arcade coming soon.