Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review - ZTGD

ZeroTolerance Writes: Last year’s War for Cybertron is considered by many as the greatest Transformers game ever created. With that said, it was nearly impossible for High Moon Studios to one-up themselves with the inevitable sequel. Dark of the Moon takes a lot of the concepts from the first game and brings your favorite Transformers to Earth for a quintessential movie tie-in game. The problems arise when you realize what has been changed and removed since the last game. What we end up with is a mere shadow of what High Moon delivered with the War for Cybertron, and that is truly a shame.

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ravinash2529d ago

Thats the price you pay for movie tie ins.
You only have limited budget because most of the money has been spent on the licence, and only a short amount of time as it has to come out at the same time as the movie.

Thats why all these movie tie nearly always turn out bad.

AdmiralSnake2529d ago

I would prefer a WFC sequel then this honestly...