Valve free-to-play game: “Yes,” it’s being worked on

PCGAMER writes: Valve VP of marketing, Doug Lombardi, has confirmed to French site Barre de Vie that Valve are working on a free-to-play game. When asked if Valve were working on their own free-to-play game, Lombardi simply replied “yes.”

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ShoryukenII2442d ago

I don't know why there are no comments... VALVE is making their own free game! Better yet, they're making a new game! Maybe this is what they planned on showing in August.

St02442d ago

Free to play Half-Life 3!!


JD_Shadow2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

They already have one on Steam: Alien Swarm. It's a different concept from them, with it being a top down shooter as opposed to the FPS games they usually make (it's fun, too: go check it out sometime).

DNAbro2442d ago

wasn't that free only for a short while? I remember some friends talking about it.

JD_Shadow2442d ago

It's still free. You can DL it right now off of Steam if you want ( http://store.steampowered.c... for the proof). It was released last year, but it's still free, and I have it now. Play it with a Steam friend of mine. Was definitely a pleasant surprise from Valve.