Valve 'really likes' OnLive

Far from spurning OnLive as a worrying threat to his Steam business, Valve boss Gabe Newell "really likes" the games-on-demand service. At least, that's according to OnLive.

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tdrules2468d ago

If VALVe bring out a competing service OnLive is dead.
remember those VALVe products that underperformed?
me neither

BeastlyRig2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

If Valve makes that move everyone will flock to it!

Onlive works ok! lags once in awhile for like 5 seconds.. I play Borderlands on there becuz they gave it to me for free! for signing up for the beta.

Active Reload2468d ago

I like Onlive. If they had more games it would be the best game rental service, because it's instant.

jack_burt0n2468d ago

no when apple launch their "on live" service the gaming will be changed forever ugh.

D0ffy2468d ago

"At least, that's according to OnLive."

Yea cause all the things OnLive have stated in articles these days have been totally valid and useful comments.


Raven_Nomad2468d ago

I think Valve is the only ones who like

They cant give that crap away.

Ravenor2468d ago

Increased latency in games is awesome!

I always wanted to meet someone with one of those stupid onlive consoles, so I can ask "Why!?" while bludgeoning them with the controller.

ZugZug II2468d ago

Shutup you faggot. The micro-console as little to no noticeable latency at all. It's alot different than pc. Not everyone has to like what you like.

NYC_Gamer2468d ago

i would never use this streaming service