Red Orchestra 2 dedicated servers detailed, will use VAC and Punkbuster

PCGAMER writes: A member of the Red Orchestra 2 beta team has posted on the Bash and Slash forums confirming that Red Orchestra 2 will support both ranked and unranked dedicated servers. Blues News spotted the post, which says that ranked servers will be monitored by the developers so that those who misbehave can be easily banned.

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bumnut2590d ago

10 64 player maps on release sounds good to me, can't wait.

Any news on a release date? It still shows as 2011 on Steam

BeastlyRig2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

shhh.. Don't let the console crowd know about this one because we need it to stay awsome.. day 1 buy..

After this I hope there will be a killing floor 2!

Saryk2589d ago

This is one of the very few games I am keeping a eye on. I hope like hell that the tank battles are just as intense as the first game.