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GameShard writes: "What do all good Role-Playing Games have in common? A story? Well, yes. Characters? Yes, those tend to be helpful. Fantastical worlds and some kind of experience system help, too. But what defines most RPGs - at least in the eyes of many gamers - is their battle system.

Combat in RPGs has come a long way since its earliest days, in which parties of characters lined up neatly and waited their turns to attack, or spammed buttons in the hope of inflicting the most damage in the least amount of time. Today's RPGs rely on tactics and reflexes, strategic decisions and carefully planned angles of attack.

Compiling a list of the 'best' is difficult, because doing so requires us to throw aside considerations like plot, story and character, and focus instead on the mechanics alone. Nevertheless, that's what we’ve done. And these are GameShard's 9 best RPG Combat Systems."

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caseh2468d ago

Wow, FF13 as one of the best RPG combat systems? FF3 had a complex battle system over 15 YEARS ago that makes the FF13 system look like it was designed for kids who can't even spell their own name yet. :o

Yi-Long2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

... as far as I can remember, that game had a great battle-system which remained fun throughout.

Valkyria Chronicles is nice as well, although one might argue as to what genre it actually falls in (RPG warfare strategy or something!?)

Doesn't Persona 3 also have a decent battle-system?

Redempteur2468d ago

as far as the battle system alone is considered ..grandia 3 is better than grandia 2 battle system

splinter2468d ago

Grandia 2 probably should have been on there, in retrospect.. damn.

As for Valkyria Chronicles, I'd definately class that as strategy RPG, hence it didn't make the list ^_^

Most of the Persona games have good battle systems, but I just couldn't pick one out that really stuck in my mind.

Chrono Cross very nearly made the list, but then, so did a lot of games...

NewMonday2468d ago

best is Chrono Trigger IMOO, combining skills and elements in double tech and triple tech was amazing fun. i even still remember some spell names like "Luminar" and "Antipode".

crxss2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )


it isn't about complexity tard. but ya i've played the majority of the RPGs on that list and it's a pretty good list IMO, there's definitely games you could argue in there but whatevs. i do love FFX's system, i used to always use an Active Battle System in my FF's and then FFX came around and made me appreciate the Wait System it used. very simple yet complex to a certain degree depending on the enemy.

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caseh2468d ago

Wow lots of disagrees, either from people who are not old enough to drink legally or people who like their RPG systems to go into auto-pilot.

Each to their own I guess :P

Redempteur2468d ago

nice list even if i disagree on the order and some choices

Jappy-k72468d ago

nice to see FFXIII and Lost Odyssey there, good list overall...

I would add:
Resonance of Fate and Eternal Sonata

caseh2468d ago

Oh I forgot about Resonance, absolutely loved that combat system. Best one i've come across in years!

Inception2468d ago

FF 13 was number 3? lol, i'll take FF 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or even 2 than 13. And why there's no FF Tactics, Tactics Ogre, SMT / Persona, Tales of series, Star Ocean series, Shadow Heart series, Valkyria Chronicles, Suikoden in that list???

Baka-akaB2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

indeed a subpar list , no waydoes XIII got a better system than say xenogears

Inception2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Even Wild Arms I is still much better for gameplay (and story) than FF 13
and WA 1 released 15 years ago

Yes it's strategy, but it's still an RPG right?
cause i don't think Panzer Dragoon Saga or Fallout are a full RPG too

And If you think Tales seris "just a button bash" than what the F is FF 13? to said Tales series "just a button bash" is really really understatement. I don't think you can even finish Tales of Phantasia with that kind of thinking -_-

splinter2468d ago

@ Inception
Absolutely they're still RPGs, but the strategy is much more of a focus. I see what you're saying, though. I guess it all depends on what you class an RPG as, really.

I don't think the Tales games are complete button-bashes - certainly some are harder than others and do require more thought - but I've blasted through the likes of To Symphonia and To Vesperia mostly by hammering the attack button and throwing in the odd special attack. Only the bosses really pose a challenge. Phantasia was harder, though. Considerably.

And for the record, I completely get the FF13 dislike. Its not everyone's cup of tea. But it was mine. =]

splinter2468d ago

We'd class FF Tactics, Tactics Ogre, and Valkyria Chronicles as Strategy RPGs, otherwise they'd be in the list.

Persona just has so many good, but often similar battle systems it was impossible to pick one out. Tales series has a fun battle system, but its mostly just a button bash, though Star Ocean at least offers some added tactical depth. I've never been a big fan of Suikoden's battle system, though, even though I enjoy the games.

As for FF13... well, to each their own I guess ^_^

Neko_Mega2468d ago

I don't think alot of those games have the best, I think one of them was on the DS.

And what about Kingdom Hearts? Last I check that had a game battle system and it was simple.

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