Battlefield 3′s Graphics Controversy

You know, if you are a perfectionist like me when it comes to gaming, and don’t like most of FPS games out there, you will agree with me. No game like Battlefield franchise ever gave FPS games what they deserve.

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reynod2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

"We all knew already that PS3 is a console right? Well what did you guys expect? PS3 tech is at least 5 years old and we already know that even PS3 is limited. Even with the powerful CELL which was a great way to enter this Generation."

Lol if the Cell was so powerful why did Sony at the last moment decide to include a GPU into the mix instead of a second Cell?

Quit deluding yourselves PS3 fans, the only reason Sony chose to include the RSX GPU instead of a 2nd cell is because they knew Cell wasnt good enough. Had they gone for a 2nd cell you would have gotten a PS2 1.5

Even today when they are planning for a PS4 they will certainly be looking to get a GPU for the graphics from either AMD or Nvidia, Why? because they know even a faster Cell will be no match when it comes to graphics.

Cell is actually a flawed design, Sony wanted to create a Chip that could to CPU intesive tasks and GPU intensive tasks however it ended up flopping at both.

Cell would get butchered at the hands of a Dual core cpu when it came to general processing tasks and against a GPU it would get butchered when it came to graphics.

With all the crap Sony feeds people its obvious many of the fans on this website are clearly misinformed.

Before anyone of you PS3 fan girls screams 360 fanboy, lol no i dont own any of the piece of shit consoles.

kane_13712253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Your comments amuse me, after all it is not at all like many devs are praising CELL for its power.
No, not at all. at least in your world. and please, troll somewhere else, this article isn't about console wars. Thank you, don't come again >,<

@The Meerkat
agreed, the GFX is very good on PS3 too

reynod2253d ago

Lol its only Sony devs praising the Cell atleast most of them anyways. Anyone else is only doing lip service to Sony at best. You only delude yourself by considering these paid statements as facts.

If the Cell was so powerful you would be seeing First person shooters running in 1080p. Its not hard i could list you PC hardware from the PS3 release time which is doing 1080p in 95% of its games. Guess what PS3 only manages that in 5% of its games. So much for the power of the cell lol.

Neko_Mega2252d ago


You do know the Cell is in PC's right? Plus it can make things do higher then 1080p, try reading up on it before opening your mouth without a clue.

Oh yeah, your troll is showing.

Substance1012252d ago


What PC are you reffering to which uses the Cell? I am not aware of anyone i know that uses a PC equipped with a Cell.

I personally work in a company where over 300 computers are used, none of them use a Cell.

nickjkl2252d ago

what the ps3 was first supposed to have two cell processors

the ps3 was also supposed to have a fully working 7spe cell

but instead its working with 6

would of had 512 MB of xdr ram

add that with hoe versatile cell is

Animation Audio Glass Physics collision Physics Simulation Particles Water Anti Aliasing AI Shaders shadows video decoding reflections texture mapping

who knows what could of happened if it used 2 cell processors

but then again people couldnt even get games working well with a gpu and cell processor do you know the outcome of two cell processors and no gpus ps3 wouldnt even be around

Ranshak2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Sorry but the cell isnt versatile, if it was more devs would be taking advantage of it. you would also see it being sold as a PC upgrade if it was so good.

The xdr ram is nothing special either even when compared to the ddr 3 ram installed on 3-4 year old gpus.

evrfighter2252d ago

i would use the power of the cell for uncompressing files or burning movies...

that's pretty much it

nickjkl2252d ago

i think ranshak tottaly missed the point

and tried to make his point without taking into the fact of how developers had a hard time working with the cell processor

its versatile but that doesnt mean its easy

its not like versatile things are easy right

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The Meerkat2253d ago

Well it's not often that we get to hear a rant from an aloof PC fanboy.

But seriously, What IS wrong with the PS3 BF3 graphics?
I thought it look pretty damn good. Yet people are talking like its the end of the world.

StanLee2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

You see what happened was, when DICE showed the PC footage of Battlefield 3, the anti-Call of Duty movement that exists on the internet jumped on the Battlefield bandwagon proclaiming it the new king of FPSs. Why? Because it seemed to succeed in the one area Call of Duty had failed miserably , graphics. Never mind it displayed the same generic set pieces and mediocre story telling. When it was insisted by even the Dark Emperor himself, Bobby Kotick that the game would not look that way on consoles, the anti-Call of Duty elitists got their panties in a bunch. Even EA CEO, Riccitello (s/p?) jumped into the fray knowing they were setting fans up for disappointment. People ask, what did console game expect? Well from the shit DICE and EA were spewing, they expected better than the saw. They expected a game changer. What the got was barely an evolution or BFBC2. So yeah, DICE deserves the shit they're getting now!

stu8882252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Im looking forward to PS4 so you PC gamers can go back to that shit hole you crawled out of for another 5 years!

Why do consoles sell more, lets see, because they're better?



Substance1012252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

It will borrow left over parts from the PC tech :)

Will be funny if all the games you bought this gen dont work on the PS4 ;-) imagine having to buy HD remakes of everything you own now rofl. Oh wait Sony will certainly be cool with that :)

And no consoles dont sell more.

stu8882252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

what like how some XP games arent compatible with vista and 7?

And you think Gaming PCs outsale PS3s! hahaha...
What a mug, I've gotta tell you something.
Other than these websites for hardcore gamers, no one bothers gaming on PC!

andibandit2252d ago

yeah, developers just need to learn how to program

death2smoochie2252d ago

The sell more because they are cheaper.
Better is subjective.
I have all systems and love them all.
My pc is used for hardcore gaming

DigitalxPiracy2252d ago

The PS4 wont even have a graphics card as powerful as the one I'm running now. Stop kidding yourself. You'll always be 4-5 years behind because consoles are meant to be affordable for the consumer and profitable for the manufacturer.

caboose322252d ago

Oh your one of those people.

So since CoD sells more than the battlefield series does that make it better?


Stop being such a whiny fanboy and go play with your CELL or something.

stu8882252d ago

^^ ok I will do. PS4 will only be behind 4-5 years if you've spent about £2000 on a PC. simple as.

And that would be pointless because most games are all built with the console in mind so they won't utilize the specs of the minority (the losers who actually pay that much for a PC).

This only happens every 5 years or so. It was like when Half life 2 and Far Cry 1 came out. The PS2 wasn't capable of those graphics, but the PS3 shits on those graphics...

Like the PS4 will on Battlefiled 3's for PC... This is a fact. BF3 is not, repeat not a gen ahead of PS3. Its about a 1/3 of a gen ahead.

I dont care about the cell or the specs of the PS3 because I don't get kicks out of looking at how much RAM ive got.

I care about the games. And on console IMO they're better.

You've got Crysis 1 - we've got Red Dead Redemption. Crysis, a good game, but not as good as Red Dead by a mile in my opinion.

In fact that is about it. All decent games come to console anyway. You'll play better games on console than you will on PC. Look at metacritic to see you lot are in the minority!

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Ju2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Not sure where the myth of a second cell as the GPU comes from.

If anything, Sony tried to pull off a HW rasterized in silicon similar what the PS2 EE/GS combo was doing (read Shippy's book: ).

Given that Kutaragy was the mastermind behind both, and if you take a very close look at the original design ideas and why he thought he needs a very strong vector CPU is an indication that the PS3 was indeed a super scaled PS2. EE with a risk core (MIPS) and two vector cores (VU0/1) and a high bandwith rasterizer (GS attached through a 2560 bit bus straight into the EE).

That was the core design for the PS3. A strong new risk core (PPU/PowerPC), custom VPU (SPUs, 8 of them) and well...Sony was responsible for the rasterizer, which never materialized. Last minute change to the RSX. That's about it.

Yes, Sony ignored what GPU manufacturers were predicting - or actually was ahead its time. Computergraphic was moving from fixed to programmable functions, but what they couldn't imagine was, those vector cores actually moved into the GPU. Big mistake - but shader cores were not powerful enough in 2005 either. Well, that changed dramatically right after that time.

But the CELLs vector power is designed with the "Shader" paradigm in mind. And it gives programmable graphics a nice boost on top of what the RSX does. Still batch work, but it works.

In in Re; to BF3. Dice is one of the few studios using the SPUs to implement a deferred renderer which we know from other 1st party games. It looks just fine; not sure who started that FUD campaign. Somebody sure did.

solar2252d ago

i still want to know "what controversary?".

but i guess when you constantly drive a Ferrari then you are given an Escort....

Drekken2252d ago

You know the controversy that console only gamers can't believe their console of choice can't keep up with the PC.

I say: Console gamers are lucky to even have a game so massive on their console. They should have kept this game on PC only. Its the only platform that can handle the massive size of this game at full force.

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TheKindRoost2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

I laugh when I see a third party dev saying they're ready for next gen console when I've yet too see a third party dev put any serious work on the cell.

@ kane its been 4-5 years devs has been telling us that.

kane_13712253d ago

I agree with you, but yet CELL takes time to learn

Substance1012253d ago

We are near the end of the generation, how much more time do they need. Personally i only see Sony devs praising the Cell.

kane_13712252d ago

@Substance101 you do know what time do they need.
They need to focus on the CELL to learn using it just like 1st party guys did.
I how ever do not expect them to do that since it is not their job and they should take the fastest and easiest way, after all they want to make a game as good as possible and as easy as possible.
But if they want to work with it, that's the way

catguykyou2252d ago

How do you know they aren't? We've seen many reports where third party devs are leading on the PS3 and saying they are utilizing the spes. I think third party devs are saying they are ready because....they are ready. If you haven't noticed, the major third party devs have already started work on next gen engines. Some have even showed them, like Epic. I think they are ready because they now have a taste for what they can do with the new hardware that will be coming out.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

A couple ppl on twitter complain and now it's a controversy?

Gaming journalism...... I knew thee well.


Guess I didnt get the memo. Anyway, I think the game looks great so far. If it ends up being the best looking ps3 game then Sony's first party will have to answer some questions.

TheKindRoost2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

twitter is serious news source didn't ya hear/s

news4geeks2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Yeah this is so lame. Nothing like this has ever happened. It's almost as if some activision employees are being paid to pose as ps3 fans. Either that or it's some CoD fanboys. One or two people complain and it has managed to turn into something big.

Why battlefield 3? it has shown some quality ps3 footage. Why not all the other multiplats which were actually inferior quality on ps3 when compared to the 360 never mind the pc. There's something fishy about all this.

Ju2252d ago

Well, it sure looks like a smear campaign to me. The game looks just fine. But you usually hear the (few) hooligans in a group, never the quite majority. OTOH, I am not sure if anybody outside of n4g even cares...

Max_Dissatisfaction2252d ago

LOL. Now Activision is in on teh Conspiracy against ps3 owners! It can't just be that there are some whiney ps3 owners out there, no, it has to be some sort of elaborate plan by activision or cod fanboys. Lol you my friend need to take that tin foil hat off, it may be protecting you from alien rays, but the heat is frying your brain

kane_13712252d ago

I wrote chaos at first, My boss ( ;) ) changed it to controversy.
and it is that annoying that EA guys have been talking left and right about it for past week, and dozen of articles came out about this taking side with one of the sides.
BF3 has definitely made a lot of fuss

Raven_Nomad2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )