Casual Defeats Hardcore: What Does This Mean For Gaming?

Surprisingly, the remake of widely popular classic game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Nintendo 3DS has not started off with the best sales this week in the United Kingdom. Instead the title has been defeated to the number one spot in the UK chart by none other than Zumba Fitness, which saw a massive surge in sales presumably due to an agressive marketing campaign on British television. As sales of casual games are ever on the rise, this begs the question: What does this mean for gaming?

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pixboy2436d ago

It's a little suprising... I understand that the New Zelda is aiming to get a whole new generation into what is the best of the series. However, the 3DS isnt selling so greatly, which may be causing some slumps in game sales.

As for hardcore games... they're still going strong, its just that developers whant to grab that 'non-gamer' and they'll do it with whatever crap they think people like that want/will be fooled into buying.

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DarkCharizard_2435d ago

It means that normal people enjoy simple games.

Nexgensensation2436d ago

whats the point with staying with a console that's going casual?

MasterCornholio2436d ago

I know casual games are 2 simple and short for me. I could never live with a console thats based off something like kinect and Angry Birds. At least Sony is focusing on the core which is why i traded in my 360 for a PS3 been happy ever since. But when we are talking about handhelds i believe that Sony and Nintendo will deliver plenty of core games to their systems.

Nexgensensation2435d ago

I totally understand, the 360 have nothing to play.(unless your big on multiplats, which means you have a lot of games to play and not enough time to comment on n4ps3)

VampiricDragon2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

its actually not all that suprising considering nintendo limited the stock of the game in the beginning like they said they would.

And the game just came out yesterday so how does this blogger no what sales are? when they havent been posted by anyone else?

Sounds like bullshit

Squatch832436d ago

Zelda had what, 2 days to get its sales. Zumba had a week. If it happens after a full week of Zelda sales then we should have these articles, not after 2 days.

Squatch832436d ago

Its been out since Friday in the UK.
And Thursday in Japan.

mcstorm2436d ago

The game has only been out since firday so ide expect it to be on top next week but the biggest difftence this gen to all the other gens is that gamers are buying less game than then gens before because Online play is keeping the game life going. If you look at last gen or the gen before online was not as big as it is now and people would buy a game complete it and then buy a new game and so on. When I look at this gen Kids are buying COD and playing cod day in day out and not really moving to new games.

I remember when MoH came out and I got it on day one but most people I know said they were not getting it because they wanted cod to play online yet last gen 70% of gamers would of got both games.

This is why alot of studios have closed down this gen because they have found it hard to get new IP's into the Market Like Split/Second, Alan Wake ect if its not Halo, COD, Gears, ect people dont want to know.

To me its sad because there are some amazing games out there but most people dont get to play them because all they want to do is play the same game over and over again until the next one of it is out.

This is the reason why we are on Geas 3 KZ3 Resistance 3 Forza 4 GT5 UC3 because the studios know these games sell and make them money and we see less and less new IP's. the new IP's we tend to see are none core games like fitness ect because they can make money from them with out the big price tag and in many ways they have kept some studios from going under.

This is part of the reason why Sony and MS are not showing off a new console at the moment and why they have said there wont be a massive leep next gen in terms of console power.

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