Uncharted 3 multiplayer worked on since 2’s release

Lazygamer: I loved Uncharted 2…probably my favourite game of 2009 – but I only enjoyed its multiplayer. While it didn’t feel tacked-on as with other games and didn’t detract from the single player game or its quality in any way, it just didn’t quite grab me (though that could be because I seem to have spent more time updating than actually playing). That could change with Uncharted 3: Drake’s deception. Speaking to Gamespot, Naughty Dog’s Richard Lemarchand said the highly anticipated threequel’s multiplayer aspect has been in development since Uncharted 2’s development wrapped up.

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JimboG2527d ago

Well I would hope so..

TimTebo2527d ago

So...are they expecting some reaction from us?

To quote Eric Cartman from Southpark: "Yessss, yeahhh, yessssss, oh yesssssssss."

WhiteLightning2527d ago

I love Uncharted and I love the Uncharted 2's online but what bugs me the most about ND is that they said in most of their E3 interviews "We listened to the fans"......what fans said add things which every other multiplayer has like COD...Radar, Kickbacks (Killstreaks), Upgradable Boosters (Perks), loadouts etc because if you look on the ND forum nobody ever asked for these things (their are as confused as anyone else). What made Uncharted 2 so great was because it was differen't and unique from other online games. It just seems now ND want a bigger audience they'd rather make Uncharted's online into Uncharted:COD then Uncharted.

Fans requested for SA to be taken out since, I think, day 1 on the ND forums and they've STILL put it three differen't forms.

I don't know how anyone can look at the videos of the online and not come to the conclusion that it looks a bit unbalanced. If people don't like it will ND really change it, I mean after all as the article states they've been working on it since U2 was out the door.

KonaBro2527d ago

because you can totally make a wild assumption based off of what the developers have said and videos. /sarcasm

If you've been following the MP news, many people are giving great responses to the multiplayer and giving it praise. Uncharted 2 is one of the best MP experiences I've played on either PS3 or 360 and I expect U3 to be no different. Bring on the beta!

WhiteLightning2527d ago

Judging by all the videos I've seen and what developers have said.......Yeah I can

ShoryukenII2527d ago

But it depends on who is giving it praise. Is it the gaming media that gave Modern Warfare 2 a 94 on Metacritic?

The only way we'll know for sure is in the beta. But I liked Uncharted 2 because of the 3rd person, the movement/platforming and the vertical gameplay.

t0mmyb0y2527d ago

Bring on the Subway beta lol

SageHonor2527d ago

Wait a minute... there is already a radar and a booster that lets you see the person that killed you on the radar... And they STILL kept situal awareness???

MidnytRain2527d ago

No, there's no SA. The reason the "other forms" of SA that appear in UC3 are no where near as bad as the real thing is because SA could be used at any time to detect any nearby players. The exception being the ones who used up an otherwise valuable slot to keep themselves from being killed cheaply.

KingDustero2527d ago

SA is NOT in the game at all. There are SMALL forms of it in different boosters, but NONE of them are OP at all.

jack_burt0n2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Its a load of crap, they dont listen AT ALL

Scary thing is people now dont even remember what U2 Mp used to be like. The game was original, you would get as many stealth/pull down/cover kills as you would from guns.

The MP of uncharted 2 was murdered.

Gran Touring2523d ago

Gotta agree with you there. The game just got progressively worse with the updates, to the point where the AK (the default weapon for those who don't know) was the only gun you really needed.

Black102WingS2527d ago

I really hope Uncharted 3 multiplayer becomes the most played on PSN or at least second because(as always) cod is on top. Lol

sazzrah2527d ago

I'm sure it will be on top briefly after release. How much they have improved U3's MP over U2 will decide whether or not it stays there, I suspect.

THC CELL2527d ago

i must say uncharted 3 has the deepest mp since maybe call of duty, i mean custom ya feet to head that include the gun in the middle and some of the game modes ohh ohh perfect for even halo fans, and ND credit bungie for U2 so im not been a fan, as halo and uncharted are awesome online games. Nd has really out done it this time and i see this been a new mp game of the year, it will even top call of duty ba3 online as its new and awesome, only blind gamers will not see this cause they are glued to one console

Epic im sorry gears of war story mode coop is awesome but ur online is really really bad and that is a reason for u to stop wasting time and stay single player coop.. u should be a shamed to call your company epic as yet even today u can not get as epic as ND

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