Take-Two Not Interested In Porting Games To Wii U

It seems it’s a little split on the old Wii U situation so far. With firms like Ubisoft keen to confirm their AAA franchises, Take-Two however are still holding back support for the Nintendo’s début into HD gaming.

If you’re expecting Grand Theft Auto IV or LA Noire on the Wii U, you may be disappointed.

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D0ffy2585d ago

Um, why is that happy news? Can't see any logic in that post, please do elaborate.

KonaBro2585d ago

what Take-Two is saying makes sense. It's not going to be straight ports of multi-platform games that will push the sales of Wii U. It's exclusive content that uses the capabilities of the Wii U that will. Why settle for a straight port for the Wii U when people will just buy it for the already established PS3/X360? Makes perfect sense.

D0ffy2585d ago

See if you had only said that to begin with, there wouldn't have been any misconception. I totally agree with you, but from the people's usual behaviour on N4G I thought you were saying "Stupid Wii U doesn't deserve any third party support".

Maxned2585d ago

Well I wouldnt mind playing La NOire and GTA IV on WiiU anyways. I know ports wont improve sales, but it doesnt mean they wont release exclusives...

Timmer2585d ago

I'm completely ecstatic with the news that keeps coming from Take-Two. First, they like the system and are excited about the possibilities of making games for it, and secondly, they're not gonna take the easy way out and just throw old games onto the system like so many other developers did on the Wii (looking at you, Capcom...).

Theyellowflash302585d ago

Thats a shame cause LA Noire seems to be made for the Wii U. Having your detective book right in your hands with the Wii U controller. Being able to review evidence on the fly without having to pause the game and go through the clunky menu interface.

Titanz2585d ago

That's the music to our ears :)

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