Microsoft see a “Wave of Halo Innovation” from 343 Industries

Microsoft’s CFO and COO of the Interactive Entertainment Business, Dennis Durki has stated that they’re optimistic about future of the Halo franchise post-Bungie, and praised the “wave of Halo innovation” being brought in by new studio 343 Industries.

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lochdoun2464d ago

343 Industries is partly made up of ex-Bungie employees including the main guy Frank O'Connor.

They also have Corrine Yu and Sotaro Tojima. If you don't know those names, look them up.

As well as Ray Almaden, former Sony Guerrilla Games designer.

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RedDead2464d ago

Wonder how it will turn out anyway. Although it is like a year and a half away still isn't it...

captain-obvious2464d ago

lets hope none of this “Wave of Halo Innovation” is kinect related

candystop2464d ago

Why not? Would be awesome to use Kinect to move your head around in what ever direction you want to go using the analog. There are many other things I could imagine but these games would have to be hybrid.

Biggest2464d ago

That sounds like an AWESOME idea, candystop! All you would have to do then is strap your television to your head so that when you turn you can see where you're going!

DigitalRaptor2463d ago

I have to say when I first read Candstop's comment, I had a similar thought. It's hilarious!

They actually think like this:

The Great Melon2464d ago

Halo innovation.... hmmmm... like a donut or torus maybe...

on topic:
I look forward to what 343 Industries can do to the franchise. With a new studio and a new trilogy this next Halo has the potential to stand out. Luckily it sounds like there are many developers that have worked on Halo at 343 Industries who know how to treat the franchise.

BeastlyRig2464d ago

A wave of innovation from one game? meh..

Make that many games from many genres & I am in!

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The story is too old to be commented.