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GameShard writes: "White Knight Chronicles 2, then, an unexpected chance for developer Level 5 to put right what once went wrong. Or not, as it turns out, since this sequel miraculously falls into exactly the same pitfalls as its predecessor, ultimately coming across as more of an expansion pack than a bona fide sequel."

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coryok2589d ago

every bad review seems to mention that there is no tutorial at the beginning of WKC2 lol. level 5 originally had WKC2 locked out until you beat WKC1, but because reviewers didnt like that they went back and changed it for the EU NA releases, yet its still complained about lol.

they should have kept it the same as the jp release: making people play through the entire first game to get to the second. at least that way reviewers wouldnt be able to pass judgment on the game without actually playing through enough of the game to understand it

radphil2589d ago

But then they'd complain about why you're forced to go through with 1 to play 2.

splinter2589d ago

Or they could give you a moment to review the controls again before throwing you into battle. Crazy idea, I know, but most every other game seems to manage it... but I admit that the only reason I struggled was because it had been so long since I played the first game.

Redempteur2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

why the heck do you start with 2 if you don't know WKC 1 controls ? crazy idea i know to start in a middle of a story and expect to understand everything ...

is it really the game fault ?

Baka-akaB2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

well yeah that's a crazy idea to waste our time when you wanna dive into the sequel of a game you played .

Especially with a tutorial you know it's target public wont touch .

They give you the frickin' first game for that reason , along with an help section in the menus

splinter2589d ago

my point was, I *did* know WKC controls - back when I played the first game. I've played a lot of other games since then, and surprisingly enough, I didn't remember them when I fired up WKC2.

I'm not saying I expect a 3-hour tutorial explaining the nuances of the system. Just a quick recap. That's all.

But really, we're getting hung up on a very minor point here folks.

coryok2589d ago

tutorials happen at the beginning of a game, not in the middle.

this game is no different - the tutorial is there, if you feel like you need a refresher course on how to play the game play through the tutorial. once you feel like you understand how to play the game then you can start from wherever your heart desires.

you know what would be annoying? playing the game the way that was intended and having to sit through the same tutorial twice because of it.

"ALRIGHT! I JUST BEAT THE BOSS OF THE FIRST GAME! WHATS NEXT?! ...oh...a tutorial...on what ive been doing for the past 20 uh...guess..."

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FamilyGuy2589d ago

Overall rating 5.0
Graphics 6.0
Sound 6.0
Gameplay 7.0
Lifespan 8.0

Overall 5.0

Does not compute :/

WildArmed2588d ago

No tutorial at the beginning of WKC2 = 5/10

I hope that helps your math a tad.............

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CNXN2589d ago

I think WKC is either u love it or hate it... I personally really enjoyed it hopefully they fleshed out the online a bit more in this one.

2589d ago
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