XBOX CHART: Duke Nukem Forever is still the king

Duke Nukem Forever holds the No.1 spot on the UK Xbox 360 chart for the week ended June 18.

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BrotherNone2408d ago

When people complain about the ton of sequels, like at the recent E3, I just point to this kind of stuff. This game gets panned everywhere yet it sells well, based purely on the name. That's why we have so many sequels.

BLACKBOIJONES2408d ago ShowReplies(4)
Solid_Snake-2408d ago

i really dont have a problem with this game. duke was cheesy and badly writen years ago so i dont get why people are complaining now.

hard joe2408d ago

wow they must really love shooters
no wonder some people call it shooterbox

Kurt Russell2408d ago

Shooterbox, wtf are you babbling about? I have never heard that term in my life... It doesn't even roll off the tongue, idontknowwtf...

PandaJenkins2408d ago

Yet 3 of the top 5 are L.A Noire (Yes there is 'some' shooting elements but hardly the focus), Dirt 3 and Dungeon Siege..... Heck most of the top 10 isn't fps or tps. Good job trolling bud.

vikingland12408d ago

I thought this game sucked? according to all the reviews that is.Why is it no.1?

xPhearR3dx2408d ago

Reviewers also said Final Fantasy XIII was a good game, and look how that turned out. Don't trust reviewers, trust yourself.

hiredhelp2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

You sir are spot on. And deserve to have a bubble voted.
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Don't trust reviewers, trust yourself.
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Raider692408d ago

Name,hype,and PR.A turd its always a turd i can tell you this one its a very big turd!

AllroundGamer2408d ago

yeah the king of poop :D and i almost finished the game, so i know how horrible this game is...

e-p-ayeaH2408d ago

wait till you see postal 3...

Raider692408d ago

The turd can fly!What a shame for the industry that a crap and super flaw game ends selling just due to the name.