RuneScape "Jagex Account" email a scam

Eurogamer: Don't believe an authentic-looking email from RuneScape warning you that "Your Jagex Account" has received an "infraction" for breaking the game rules.

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Krew_922530d ago

As a Runescape player this is sickening, I hate it when people do these types of scams, this one looks so authentic it can surely get the better of all us. I will make sure to spread the word about this vile scam.

Fragger2k82529d ago

Yea, it's pretty horrible.. I got one of these e-mails maybe about a week ago saying that I was real world trading and that I need to click the link to verify that I was the actual owner of the account, but I knew not to trust it. I don't even know how I got the thing..

Most other players, though.. Man, I don't even want to imagine how many people who received something like that actually went to the link in the message.. It's one of the most legit looking e-mails I have seen like it. Most players aren't even going to realize that Jagex will never send an e-mail like that about their account to anyone because they don't pay enough attention, so it's bound to screw over tons of players in some way.

I think Jagex needs to put up an extremely obvious warning right on their page and keep it there for good, letting players know that this scam is out there, and to not trust it at all.

CoD5112530d ago

Just as well I don't play Runescape.