BioWare: why sequels are good

With complaints about the heavy load of sequels on E3, Greg Zeschuk talked with Eurogamer about how sequels are a good thing, specifically on Mass Effect 3.

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dangert122561d ago

Bioware have no right to talk about good squeals
DA:Origins a good game > DA 2 =/ erm yh, its a game

ME1 classic and a game that should come in this gens top 10-20

ME 2?lol its just about a mass effect game

ME 3 looks like commander shepard in a 3rdps in the mass effict universe not mass effect lol

BrotherNone2561d ago

I agree. The principle of what Zeschuk is talking about is solid (sequels allow for more refinement and bigger investments, thought with less innovation to them), but on the tail end of Dragon End II it's kind of an unfortunate source for this point to come from.

captain-obvious2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

im i the only one hating this light sword thing shepard got on his hand ???

they clearly ripped it off zealots from starcraft


PS3 Exclusives sequels are the best.

Blacktric2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

lol roflmaocopter lmao

ME 2?lol its just about a mass effect game

ME 3 looks like commander shepard in a 3rdps in the mass effict universe not mass effect lol

What kind of grammar is this? Oh and it's nice to see that Bioware games are becoming the new "in" thing to hate after Call Of Duty. Keep doing these sensless bashing without having a clue guys. You're the best.

ShamefulDispray2561d ago

Sequels are good indeed...they make us lots of money! Add a few new features, tell them we've made it easier for newcomers, and BAM! People are essentially buying the same exact game with a new coat of paint! Did I tell you about my MGSHD ZOEHD and MGS3D yet? Make sure you buy them.

Just according to Keikaku.

gamingdroid2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

I find that I play a lot of sequels, where as new IPs are hit and misses.

My most looked forward games this year and into the next are all sequels.

ct032561d ago

Sequels are good for developers because the get to re-use a ton of assets. Assassin's Creed, Dead Space, Bioshock. All examples of games whose sequels were considerably less work for the developers than the original game.

Remember Half Life: Opposing Force? At around 10 hours long, and with many new weapons and enemies it was like a sequel. Nowadays it would be sold full price as "Half Life 2". Back then, it was an affordable expansion.

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coryok2561d ago

uncharted to uncharted 2 is an example of a game that did it right

bioware sequels have been consistently worse than originals. it makes me think that theyre just milking it lol

to paraphrase - bioware says sequels are good because they make more money

BrotherNone2561d ago

I don't know about consistently. They farmed out Neverwinter Nights 2 and Knights of the Old Republic 2, and their recent sequels have been uneven (I personally felt ME2 to be better than ME1), but Baldur's Gate II blew Baldur's Gate out of the water.

So they have a mixed history in this field.

coryok2561d ago

lots of those games you mentioned are pretty old...
though its fair, i guess i should have said "recent consistency"

SageHonor2561d ago

@ captain obvious.. All video games are inspired by other game styles, mechanics, stories, and settings.. Every game takes from other games. Thats just how it is. I can name about a dozen games with swords and melee weapons like blades on their wrist.

Aarix2561d ago

I agree. If I play and beat a game. I usually want MOAR. Unless it's games like Read Dead Redemption.

NYC_Gamer2561d ago

they should do more of trying to please their original fan base instead of talking about sequels