White Knight Chronicles II review (Digital Spy)

Digital Spy writes: "Level-5 has ambitiously attempted withWhite Knight Chronicles II to update the JRPG genre with MMO elements, but the experiment has not quite worked. The quests and upgrades feel poorly applied, meaning the game struggles to establish its true purpose and identity. Stripping away all the extra elements brings just a pretty standard JRPG that offers little really to get excited about. The lack of proper tutorial will turn some players off almost instantly, while the overly-complicated battle system brings plenty of frustration. The game is certainly not a terrible experience for those players willing to stick around, but it's also far from a classic in the much loved JRPG genre."

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KozmoOchez2583d ago

"Level-5 has clearly drawn inspiration from Blizzard's all-conquering World of Warcraft series for the game, attempting to mix an offline RPG with online quests tipping their hat firmly to MMO. "

...because WoW is the only MMO in the world. TBH, I don't see anything that resembles WoW in WKC, unless you consider typical rpg elements to be exclusive to WoW.

WildArmed2583d ago


Plus, if anything this game feels like Dark Cloud..
georama.. and what not.

If you do wanna bring an MMO in this, it would be more close to Guild wars where you go to instances w/ your party.

FamilyGuy2583d ago

Yeah, completely agree, very Dark Cloud-ish

KozmoOchez2583d ago

And there's nothing wrong with being Dark Cloud-ish, especially when its the same dev team. Level 5 is on its own...level when it comes to the way they do JRPG, and although it my be an "acquired taste" I sure love what they do and I'm sure the fans love it too.

WildArmed2583d ago

oh yes, there is nothing bad about their work reflecting their spirit.
After all Dark Cloud was one of their work.

I really liked it.
Hell WKC even has a lil' DQ8 feel to it.. (I loved DQ8 by Level-5!)