Duke Nukem Forever review at Thunderbolt Games

Thunderbolt Games: A few years ago Duke Nukem Forever was dead. Sent to the doldrums of many a cancelled game, destined to never see the light of day. And yet here we are; the year is 2011 and Duke Nukem Forever is finished – a physical item you can sit down and play yourself. It’s quite a surreal experience considering the twelve year development hell that became the gaming industry’s longest running joke. It had gone through multiple iterations before Gearbox picked it up and set about finishing the project 3D Realms once started, so it’s understandable to be excited, or merely curious, to witness Duke’s contemptibly long-awaited return. But expectations should be met with trepidation. The king might have returned, but can that many years, starts and stops, really produce a cohesive and fun gameplay experience and a worthy sequel to Duke Nukem 3D?

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