Gears of War won't be the "final legacy" of Epic Games, says Cliff Bleszinksi

Epic Games has discussed the future for Gears of War and other games from the studio.

Producer Rod Fergusson said Gears of War 3 is the "kind of a culmination" of his career and described it as a "bittersweet" moment.

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dangert122587d ago

New unreal tournament? please?

SpartanZero2587d ago

Epic games already said that UT4 will come out with Unreal Engine 4 so it's gonna come out on Xbox 720/PS4

mcstorm2587d ago

Glad they will keep it going looks like Gears is going to get better and better each release.

KonaBro2587d ago

I'm only getting Gears 3 to finish the story but after this I'm done. We need new IPs for the 360.

CommonSense2587d ago

were you in the beta? the dedicated servers made all the difference. i'm completely sold on gears MP now. so much fun.

KonaBro2587d ago

will sustain me for a while but I meant new IPs in general. Rehashing the same Gears and Halo year after year is getting stale. I would love for Epic to make a game using that new engine they showed off a while ago. That would be great.

CommonSense2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

gotcha...and i think that's the plan. i think gears will go on the back burner til close to mid next gen. and i'm guessing epic is already getting kits from MS for a new console so they can work on this new game and UT4. we'll see.

i agree with you too, for the most part. the problem i see is that big budgets go to games they know will sell..sequels are the best test for that. and even though i'd love to see more new IPs, i also wanna see true AAA titles.

JeffGUNZ2587d ago

Don't be surprised to see Gears of War Excile be one of the launch titles for the Nextbox.

NarooN2587d ago

What happened to UT? They were gonna do an UT one year, a GEoW the next, and so on. Now they're saying wait for UE4?

Oh well. I hope a new Doom and or Quake comes soon to fill the void for hardcore arcade fps.

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