Five Nintendo Franchises to Showcase Wii U's HD Visuals

gamrFeed writes:-

"Nintendo will finally be making the jump to HD this generation, with a platform that is much more capable than the original Wii. What will Nintendo franchises look with this new coat of paint? Outside of Zelda (thanks to a tech demo), we really don't have any clue what the titles will look like. Thankfully, Nintendo has a large and diverse back catalog of franchises with a variety of different styles. Using their incredible quality-game history, Nintendo can easily show us not only what the Wii U is capable of, but what Nintendo and its developers will be able to do with an HD system."

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jacksonmichael2441d ago

First of all, proofread. Second of all... No Star Fox!?

Theyellowflash302441d ago

Yeah star fox needs to be on there. The 3DS game looks stunning on that hardware. I also think a series like Fire Emblem redone as an action rpg could look fantastic on the Wii U.

Active Reload2441d ago

Metroid Prime would be sweet! that's one game I'm willing to bet will have 60fps, seeing as though it's always had that going for it. With beefed up specs, I think it's a game that could turn the industry upside down.

gii bro2441d ago

Rogue Squadron 4 using the Upad as a targeting computer.

AEtherbane2441d ago

Uuuhhh, legend of Zelda anyone?