Game Informer: Shadows of the Damned Review

Grasshopper Manufacture scored a major victory by getting help from Resident Evil mastermind Shinji Mikami. Unlike previous Suda51-developed games, polished, rarely frustrating gameplay backs up the off-the-wall insanity.Grasshopper has finally come into its own, and I hope it carries this momentum (and Mikami) forward to whatever project is next.

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TimTebo2705d ago

Game of the year candidate? Reading that review makes me think yes

Croash2705d ago

Well apparently it is a very good game. I suppose the nightmare team behind it will not stop working together (at least I hope so).

The only thing I'm worried about is "eight-hour adventure" and "no new game-plus".
It's not like it changes anything as I would probably play it many times, just like I did for Dead Space, but still it could have been funnier.

TimTebo2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Well think about it this way;

Would you rather play a 20 hour game that's boring, tedious, and repetitive.


Would you rather play 8-10 hour game that's fast, action packed, and always keeps you on the edge?

Croash2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Duh, the second one, of course. It's just like Vanquish, a lot of people were angry about the fact that it was 7 hours long, yet I'm sure most of those who bought it have devoted more than 15 hours to it.

And as you said, it's all about the pace. Castlevania was 18 hours long but never was boring.

Anyway, playthrough times are always different. For all I know, the reviewer could have rushed while playing on Easy, so I will not use that information to decide whether or not I'll buy the game.
However, knowing that it has a great gameplay, funny characters and a great vision of Hell only makes me want to get my hands on the game right now!
Edit: Anyway I had already clarified that in my first comment, saying "It's not like it changes anything". ;)

Jack-Dangerously2705d ago

I personally would rather play a game that has enough content to justify such a hefty investment AND is also fun and addictive. It's just ridiculous to expect someone to pay $60 for an eight hour game.

I honestly am still dumbfounded when people keep pushing out ridiculously short games at full price.

Just for the record I am not saying this with any malice. I was just stating my opinion, as you stated yours.

Legionaire20052705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

How about a 20 hours that's fast, action packed, and always keeps you on the edge. You should take note that the replay value is very low!!! and only 8 hours? For 60 bucks? Its 9.25 surprisingly. I think I would get Fear 3 instead, because its has more replay value that's probably 8-10 hours, but you get coop and multiplayer to add life to the game. I would just rent this game don't know.

TimTebo2705d ago

What games have you been playing Jack? Nearly all games today are about that length.

RockmanII72705d ago

This game has gone completely under my radar, just heard of this game today and I've heard nothing but praise for it.

ElementX2705d ago

I actually hadn't heard about this game until last week, but I was excited when I read a few articles. It looks like a quality title.

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