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Honest Gamers: Is it flimsy evidence to cite a single weapon as being my entire reason for enjoying a game? I don’t think so. There are multitude of reasons for Half-Life 2 being as highly regarded as it is (to the point that I’ve reviewed it on three separate occasions and I still can’t adequately convey why I love it so much), but if any fan were asked to pinpoint one thing that absolutely sold them on the game, I’ll bet four times out of five you’d be given one simple answer: the Gravity Gun. Only a few chapters in and Valve completely evolved gunplay beyond basic pointing-and-shooting, morphing it into a nonstop physics puzzle as you scour your surroundings for the best possible makeshift weapons. Other developers, from 2K to Visceral, have implemented similar mechanics into their own games, but all have failed to replicate the open-ended glee we experienced when Alyx Vance first put the Gravity Gun in our hands.

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