Can consoles handle military wargames? | Board and War Games

When you look at the lineup of console strategy games, there’s one thing that’s really missing: the wargame.

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Agent-862255d ago

I remember playing Panzer General and Allied General on the Playstation, way back when. I thoroughly enjoyed them both despite their complexity and "slowness". However, like the author stated, most console gamers prefer action in their games, so I'm not so sure they'd sell these days. I'd be curious to see how well Risk Factions and Panzer General remake did on XBLA (I believe Risk Factions is also on PSN). Those were cheap, accessible strategy games. If they sold well, maybe there is a market for them after all.

MattS2255d ago

Agreed. If there is a place for strategy games on the consoles, it's through the download services.

It surprises me that there are so few board and wargames on there by now, though.

Max_Dissatisfaction2255d ago

As long as you don't sink my battleship