GameStop’s promotion of Zelda release is amazing

NE: "This might be the neatest GameStop yet and it might even blow your mind considering we don’t often see something like this at the retailer."

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a_bro2403d ago

you forgot to say BROTHA!!

Bull5hifT2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

I have this old SNES Zelda i think its called Zelda a link to the past... The cartridge is golden... Can any body tell me its worth? Its in pretty good condition , i hated it soo much after playing for soo long and then going into the "Shadow World" and it didnt save i was Furious , dont have to Blow too much to get it working either

Jack-Dangerously2403d ago

Yeah....That's the wrong character genius.

Note* I was using genius sarcastically. ;)

Eh. Don't need anymore Zelda. I still have OOT & Majora's Mask

xVeZx2403d ago

gamestop still is where its at...

GuruStarr782403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Too bad buying from Amazon this time turned out to be the wrong idea.

I cancelled my Amazon preorder on this since I would not get my game from Amazon until later this week, and I would not be able to get the soundtrack then.

I got mine from Gamestop today and was able to secure a soundtrack this afternoon via club Nintendo.

Oh and BTW; this game is Great.

Solidus187-SCMilk2403d ago

I think that its supposed to look like the shops Link visits in the game where the items are on the wall behind the counter.

coryok2403d ago

"If only all GameStops cared about the game this much!"

gamestop promotes games when its paid to promote games lol, its not that gamestop cares about the game its that gamestop cares about getting paid

CNXN2403d ago

I want all of those things... Thats pretty awesome now to go break into peoples houses in search of rupees one pot at a time

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