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Wii U Zelda Real Time Gameplay, Best Graphics Ever On A Console Unbelievable

Nintendo wants the hardcore market and E3'11 is where they finally got it. stay tuned for a major episode of the HipHopGamerShow

1. WWE' 12 Interview
2. God Of War 3D Impressions
3. Twisted Metal Vita
4. HipHop Rss - Shots Fired Math Hoffa Goes At Serious Jones

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LOGICWINS  +   1576d ago
Congrats Hiphop, I've been watching your vids for more than two years now..and I have to say, thats the most eye-popping title I've ever read.

Considering that you were at E3 and got to see Uncharted 3 footage first hand, the fact that you say that a Wii U game has better graphics than UC3 has me intrigued.

EDIT: Btw, nice to see ur giving Saints Row 3 shine. I just got SR2, and its the most fun I've ever had with an open world game. Those sneakers look sick..and this is coming from a person who isn't really into sneakers like that.
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RayRay36  +   1576d ago
And it doesnt concern you that absoltley nobody else has made such a statement? This is the most blatant example of flame bait Ive ever seen.
Max_Dissatisfaction  +   1576d ago
How dare he say that?? It is not powered by the almighty Cell and therefore it cannot be true!!
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NukaCola  +   1576d ago
I saw the Zelda footage. The visuals were good, with lots of color. The realism and detail was no where near Uncharted. It was polished as hell and silky smooth 60 frames. As a tech demo I am sadly skeptical, but I won't dare rule out any potential Wii U has. The Bird flying through the seasons demo was really jawdropping too.
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blackbeld  +   1576d ago
I Agreed with logic.

Zelda HD looks wow. Amazing. Finally Zelda on HD!

After my N64 i will now buy a Nintendo console again just only for Zelda. :)
LOGICWINS  +   1576d ago
"And it doesnt concern you that absoltley nobody else has made such a statement? This is the most blatant example of flame bait Ive ever seen."

Why would I be "concerned"? This isn't a life/death scenario we're talking about here. It's HIS opinion. I'm not saying that I agree with him, I'm just saying that I'm intrigued. I'll take the word of a person who ACTUALLY went to E3 over the arm chair judges on N4G any day.

I haven't seen Zelda gameplay footage in person yet..so theres no way I can determine if hes "wrong".
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RayRay36  +   1576d ago
But your acting like his opinion has merit. Your intrigued by a flame bait title, not his opinion. I garuntee he doesnt believe it is the best looking game on a console. HHG is the most frequent user of flame bait titles, and this is the worst yet.
RayRay36  +   1576d ago
@Max_Dissatisfaction Theres a reason you have one bubble and I havent lost one.
SkyCrawler  +   1576d ago
If its the best, its only going to get better. But I would love to see how the Wii U's pad brings in more gameplay possibilities other than what was shown at E3
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1576d ago
Im sorry but i do not think that game has the best graphics on consoles. Yes the graphics look great but not very realistic due to the games art style being cartoonic so it is really unfair to call it the best.
I'm sure we will see the best graphics on WiiU but not with this game.
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LOGICWINS  +   1576d ago
WOW, you got to see it in person?! Man, I wish I could go to E3 one day.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1576d ago
lol sony was giving out some E3 tickets and i could't go because they were only giving tickets and no plane ride lol. To bad i live in Ny no way i can get to Cali... Their is always next year... that is if im not busy with school.
LOGICWINS  +   1576d ago
Yeah, I got school too. But I plan to go one day as well.
rexbolt  +   1575d ago
u fail at ur comment art style has noting to do with grafics and yeah if u ask me i never seen a game look better then this this does not have that overly weird lighting that uncharted has and uncharted looks pritty cartoony to me but in the ge i goe cartoon look to it cus drake does not look like a real person what so ever god of war is a more real look to is so is res
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1575d ago
i do agree the game looks extremely real. And i also agree uncharted being a lil cartoonic as well. I'm not saying anything bad about the Zelda. Lighting looks very great n looks like FF13 CGI, just the character himself looks cartoonic. Im 100% we'll see much better on wiiu and zelda may be the best shown for now
rexbolt  +   1575d ago
yeah zelda has is in anime style
egm_hiphopgamer  +   1576d ago
When Everyone see Zelda In Person trust me you will be shocked for real like the scary type of shocked the game looks REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL cartoony I don't care it's looks like Final Fantasy CG but In-Game FOR REALL I mean it blew me away.

The comparison between uncharted 3 and zelda zelda wins by a very small margin but it does win so far based off what I saw.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1576d ago
I'll take your word for it man. Just wish i was at E3 to witness it lol.
captain-obvious  +   1576d ago
lol look at him hyping the game like a lil kid that saw a toy and want his father to buy it for him
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user8397144  +   1576d ago
captain-obvious  +   1576d ago
LOGICWINS  +   1576d ago
Hiphop, I know your the ill graphics whore dude. If you say that Zelda looks better than Uncharted 3..then I'm inclined to believe you.
UP  +   1576d ago
dude you can watch both in HD. So watch them and decide for yourself. IMO the reason it looks good is because of the art style. On a tech level I have seen better looking games. Of course you are allowed to disagree.
meetajhu  +   1576d ago
No still God of War 3 holds the crown
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rexbolt  +   1575d ago
u have no bubbles hahaha man i dislike you if ur the real 1 ur show is so freaking anoying u keep saying yooo its fo reaal -_- english? i mesan ino i cant spell but i sure as hell cant understand wut ur trying to say in ur vids XD if ur the real 1
HavenDan  +   1576d ago
Dude I love watching your vidcasts, so much energy!
admiralthrawn87  +   1576d ago
i'm not being a fanboy. but i honestly believe that looks better than any console game i've seen so far.
9thGenHero  +   1576d ago
Damn, I can't jump into console generations halfway in, I know that the PS3 and 360 are still going to be reppin hard, but seeing these graphics makes me realize we gotta enjoy that shit once it comes out, early adopter from now on! Good to see Nintendo is staying true to their word
Burning_Finger  +   1576d ago
Last time I've checked, Nintendo doesn't really spend much money on their first party development process. I've doubt you guys will be seeing similar graphics like the tech demo they had on E3. Spending 60 to 100 million dollar budget per game like Sony seems like a dream from Nintendo.
jacksonmichael  +   1576d ago
Last time I've checked, you're a troll.
Maxned  +   1576d ago
He is indeed. Interesting that he's actually trying to make a logical argument, though
Black102WingS  +   1576d ago
The title is very misleading.
jacksonmichael  +   1576d ago
Not really misleading... Just childish and stupid.
Ethereal  +   1576d ago
That demo was only a HD concept. Not real gameplay...
theonlylolking  +   1575d ago
You still have to admit that nintendo has a great art team and can make a poor graphics game still look nice to look at.
Ethereal  +   1575d ago
I agree it looks great. Although I make a real judgment off of live gameplay.
SpitTake  +   1575d ago
But it is ingame footage
Ethereal  +   1575d ago
You mean running in realtime..still doesn't mean that is what it will look like when it's done. Look at the new unreal engine footage. It's rendered in real time but not gameplay.
jalen247  +   1576d ago
What's good HipHopGamer! Keep doing your thing.

WiiU Zelda impressed me also. But I still think GOW III is the best looking console game to date.
thekiddfran  +   1576d ago
It doesnt matter really because nintendo do not have the franchises that will push the console graphically.
Optical_Matrix  +   1575d ago
Zelda and Metroid can.
thekiddfran  +   1575d ago
That is two games, and that is if nintendo actually make another metroid prime game.
cindy19901206  +   1576d ago
Really informative!!
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CNXN  +   1576d ago
I love HHG... but the only real thing i got from this video was awesome kicks
Shadowolf  +   1576d ago
HipHopGamer is not exaggerating about Zelda on the WiiU. During our demo presentation of the game @ E3, we were completely blown away as well. Check out IGN's video preview of the game in action;


HHG, Shadowolf here from GameInsider - Keep doing ya thing!
Maxned  +   1575d ago
Lol why is there 1 agree and 3 disagrees?
The trolls here are so pathetic. The 2 people here that have seen the game first-hand have said it was the best graphics theyve ever seen and everyone just ignores it because they cant believe Uncharted 3 could possibly be beaten by Nintendo.

Its Nintendo's next console. Did you actually expect them to make a Gamecube-graphics console again?
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pedrami91  +   1576d ago
Mate, i believe you got "graphics" with "graphical style" mixed. In fact, it reminds me of a slightly improved Star Ocean 4. Not saying it's bad or anything but claiming it's the best graphics on consoles way before it's even out is rather silly.

Anything about the WiiU, graphics, online, software and controls is all hearsay until it's offically announced/Detailed/Released.

Wait til' the PS4/Xbox720 hits, you'll probably be doing the very same thing you're doing right now.
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TenkoTAiLS  +   1576d ago
And then wait till the Wii U 2, and then wait till the PS5, and then wait till the Xbox1440.

Seriously that is getting old, every "next" console has the potential to be better than the last. The only reason for anyone to "wait" is if they are such a big fan of a specific company that they can't see the potential in any other companies console due to being blinded by loyalty to a company that, lets face it, doesn't give a crap about you beyond the fact that you give your hard earned money to them.

Nothing personal to you in particular man, it's just i have seen so many posts saying "wait for PS4 and Xbox720 it is driving me a bit mental.

You have something coming out next year, and Sony and Microsoft have not even announced anything about their next intended home systems and instead of trying something new, having some fun with a new system for a year or two or maybe more who knows, before the others come out. There are people that are going to "wait" for the next one? Really?

Just saying, if you constantly waited for the best, you would never end up buying anything >.<
extermin8or  +   1576d ago
Hip Hop Gamer = The opposite will likely be true :p oh wait no that's patcher sorry hip hop gamer= shitty crude, flamebaiting, click grabbing crap; I was interested by this right up until I realised it was him :( have to wait and see what a respectable journalist says now or ofc until I see some gameplay from the games in question......
radphil  +   1576d ago
I'm amazed how much zoning is going on here in the comments.
Voxelman  +   1576d ago
First it's not "real-time gameplay" it is a tech demo, second it has no AA.

compare it to this http://www.youtube.com/watc...
MasterCornholio  +   1576d ago
WHat you posted certainly looks better. But its a tech demo just like the zelda one so i find it hard to believe that the final product will look like that on consoles. Seems a bit ahead of its time to me.
Voxelman  +   1576d ago
That was the point the zelda demo shouldn't be compared to full games but to other tech demos.
xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   1576d ago
That has in-game written all over it, yeah it looks stunning but it's not going to fool anyone into thinking it's CGI.

the jittery hair and some a couple of flat textures give it way. The Zelda demo made confused people into thinking it was CGI.
MasterCornholio  +   1576d ago
People keep mentioning the colors. But thats normal with Nintendo games. Nintendo makes games that are bright and colorful most of the time which is why i was not surprised with the colors of the zelda demo.
xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   1576d ago
At first it looked like complete CGI to me because it looked too good to be in-game, but after I saw people messing around with the time of day and battle options I realised it truly is in-game.

If the next Zelda looks like that then it'll be the best looking console game to date.
Voxelman  +   1576d ago
Maybe people that didn't watch it in HD so didn't see the jaggies over everything.
DNAbro  +   1575d ago
the funny thing is that it's a demo, not even a real game. Imagine when a real wii u zelda comes out.

Im also excited to see what retro studios does with it. They probably got the best graphics out of the wii.
D0ffy  +   1575d ago
A Retro Studios game is probably (take note of the "probably", cause I don't know for certain yet) going to look phenomenal. What they could output with Metroid Prime looked awesome, so in full-fletched HD, it's probably gonna be incredible.
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theIMP  +   1575d ago
LOL, those shoe's look like the Moon Boots Napoleon Dynamite wore. I think they're F%^king ugly. I’m glad I don’t wear or do shit just because a celeb does. I might end up in some fugly ass shoes like that.
qwertyz  +   1575d ago
LOL love this guy
raziel6430  +   1575d ago
why are people hating on Nintendo,and why do people always talk about lets wait till the ps4 or the Xbox 720 comes out.
EverydayGuy  +   1575d ago
Probably gonna play like a DS. I can see the pad being perfect for single player games though.
SignifiedSix  +   1575d ago
Uhmm yeah this is better looking than anything I've ever seen on consoles!


Well, until the next box and PS4 come out lol. But good job Nintendo! :)

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