IGN- 3DS vs. PS Vita - Will History Repeat Itself?

IGN: "All eyes seem to be on Nintendo these days – and after an E3 press conference that baffled as much as it impressed, it's easy to understand why. It seems, in fact, like Nintendo is playing out its cards in much the same way it did back in 2005. Rather than focusing on Wii U, however, the more interesting topic right now is that of the upcoming 3DS versus PS Vita battle. On first glance, it could appear to be DS-versus-PSP all over again, but we're here to tell you that's a long way from being the case.

Sony has, traditionally, gone for that 'aspirational' gaming dollar; courting gamers with hardware that has been tremendously powerful—with a price that packs about as much wallop. While the PS3 and PSP are both successful, long-time market warhorses, they still took a beating from Nintendo's Wii and DS systems."

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RayRay362588d ago

I still dont know what the Wii U even is. This might be a problem among consumers.

metsgaming2588d ago

it wont, once there is a zelda or mario game it will sell. Then once someones popular friend gets it then all the other kiddies will want it.

blitz06232588d ago

Do you think consumers actually know what the Wii is? The Wii U will be under the same circumstances. As long as the innovation is there paired with a good price, it will attract consumers. The controller having its own screen is already good and interesting enough for the Nintendo audience.

Now on topic: I do believe the 3DS will still outsell PS Vita, even if they're in the same price range, simply because of Nintendo's handheld reputation, but unlike the PSP-DS rivalry, Vita will greatly challenge the 3DS. I won't be surprised if it does outsell the 3DS. There's still a lot of details that Sony can dish out before the launch. But the headstart of the 3DS will really help it. Once people buy one handheld, most of them won't even consider Vita, no matter how good it is.

RayRay362588d ago

@blitz0623 lol. Sound logic there. I over estimated the average consumer largely. Your right, all they need to see is that weird controller-pad-thing to be sold. Its sensible men like me that will see through what the Wii probably shoulda been, surley.

fear882588d ago

You know I don't know who will come out on top between the two (lacks crystal ball) but one thing I have noticed is that you can have a staple brand and lose and you can have a brand name out of left field and win.

Brands have nothing to do with how well something sells. That is dependent on proper marketing. So in a sense the brand name argument is pointless.

However I feel that what I have seen of both is relatively equal in terms of game quality. Both will have a strong lineup of games at the time the PS Vita launches. Which makes both equally viable in terms of content but subjective in terms of target audience.

There is one thing that sticks out the most in this whole situation and its the dollar for value.

3DS is $250 (approximately at PS Vita launch)
PS Vita is $250

And the specs and feature set are so drastically different that it is very important.

PSV will have a lot of hardware going into it like AR, front/rear cameras, motion, dual touch surfaces (capacitive instead of resistive) wifi-n , bluetooth, dual analog, and impressive horsepower.

The 3DS is has power surpassing the PSP but not the Wii, wifi-g, 3D camera on the back with a camera on the front, AR cards, a resistive touch screen (requires a stylus), and a 3D screen.

But what really sticks out is the potential going forward for both platforms in relation to the feature set.

PS Vita has a very robust variety of user interfaces and proper networking and power to match.

3DS is more or less an extension of the DSi with more similarities than differences.

It will come down to the marketing teams and the overall content/service delivery.

The pricetag will only be relative to the content/service offered from both. Not the specs of either.

However I feel that the PSV has a huge amount of potential for a variety of gameplay and innovation compared to the 3DS.

a_bro2588d ago

if you are looking at this from a 2005 perspective, then i think you have a little bit of problems. one of the biggest things that hurt the PSP at the time was the price. if i recall, it was $250 as the launch price at the time, compared to the $150 DS.

in 2011, we see that same $250 price tag with the vita, but packed with loads of features out of the box, compared to the $250 3DS.

the games are guarranteed to come out in tons, with higher quality than the 3DS as well.

in my opinion, no, we wont see a repeat again. in fact, things are going to be very even, at times, i believe the Vita outranking the 3DS in sales.

-Alpha2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Until PSV gets heavy hitters equal to that of Nintendo, I don't see the PSV outselling the 3DS anytime soon. Whether or not they will depends on the exclusive titles they get.

By the time PSV releases Nintendo will have a lot of huge exclusives coming out this Xmas, and those titles sell much more than Sony's. The PSV will sell on hardware while Nintendo sells on their exclusives this year. Mid 2012 and onwards is too lacking in detail to predict, but the burden is on Sony to prove themselves

life doomer2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Nice editing you've done there. What you said before was pretty close minded.

-Alpha2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

I decided to shorten it because I wanted to save it for a blog. Don't think it was close minded either, but you can criticize me when I write the blog. People are repeating history when it comes to hyping the PSV: Hardware power is not enough if the games are lacking in sales in comparison. I'm NOT saying PSV games are lacking, but in terms of brand power, they are nowhere close. Since this is a question of sales, I think it's safer to put the bet on Nintendo.

Clearly the DS sold a lot despite inferior hardware and I'd like to think it was in part to the exclusive titles. The Playstation portable still lacks this and titles like Uncharted aren't anywhere near the size of Mario. I just don't see any good reason to assume PSV will outsell the 3DS when the reasons are really no different than they were last time around.

And yes, the PSV is $250, but I don't think those 20+ million Mario buyers are going to care

LOGICWINS2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

"in 2011, we see that same $250 price tag with the vita, but packed with loads of features out of the box, compared to the $250 3DS."

Ur assuming that the system with the better hardware and more features will do better. PSP vs. DS proved that theory wrong. I will however agree that the PS Vita is in a better position than the PSP was in 2005.

"the games are guarranteed to come out in tons, with higher quality than the 3DS as well."

Define "higher quality". Better production values doesn't automatically mean that a game is has good quality. Uncharted: Golden Abyss probably looks better than any 3DS games shown so far...but I know PLENTY of people who would rather play a 70+ hour Pokemon RPG in 3D rather than a 10 hour adventure game.

metsgaming2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

you cant deny that nintendo has a huge amount of fans that will buy anything zelda or mario. Thats why they keep making them over and over because thats what they want. It doesn't matter if its the same thing over and over, if they did something different they would lose those people.

SilentNegotiator2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

"but I don't think those 20+ million Mario buyers are going to care"

Mario, Link, and Metroid didn't save the Gamecube or N64 from lesser sales to competitors.

Hisiru2587d ago

Why the disagrees? -Alpha is right. Nothing on PSV will sell more than Mario Kart, Mario 3DS etc.

jetlian2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

is really a toss up. psp was postioned to be like ps2 but as a handheld. one thing crippled that though.. The lack of another analog!

Now with 2 analogs most core console games can transfer with only slight graphic downgrading. So you can't look atthe past to gauge the future.

Think of the great series that were horrible on psp. Syphon filter,mgs,splinter cell, socom,etc.

Nintendo's hook is in their gimmicks now. And from what i've seen 3ds isn't all its cracked up to be. Most people don't use 3d.

With that in mind psv is given an edge. I'll bet right now that resident evil rev will hit vita just like RE4 hit ps2!

ABizzel12587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

The 3DS is going to have a hard time, because it's too expensive, and people think it's the same DS that they've been having only with a 3D screen.

The 3DS is marketed towards kids and casual gamers, and the kids aren't going to be getting them, because their parents don't realizes it's an entirely new system.

That being said, hardcore gamers will flock the the PSV, but Sony has to prove why the casual gamers should buy the PSV over the 3DS, and at the same time appeal to the child market. They need to bundle Little Big Planet, Mod Nation Racers, Ratchet and Clank, and whatever other pseudo kiddy game they have with the PSV to get that child appeal.

Dare I say it, "It's time for a PlayStation Cartoon", and Ratchet and Clank would be the best option since they already have tons of games (that or a PS Heroes on the Move cartoon).

Finally Sony needs their Pokemon. Monster Hunter is it in Japan, but there's nothing for the rest of the world. Pokemon alone guarantees 5 - 10 million 3DS will be sold, Sony has no game that can say that for the PSV.

Nintendo definitely has the advantage because of Franchise, not that their games are better, but because they've been around for generations, and they're icons.

Mario = Ratchet, Jak, Sly
New Super Mario Bros. = LBP
Mario Kart = ModNation Racers
Pokemon = XXXXXXX
Nintendogs = EyePet

SoapShoes2587d ago

"Ur assuming that the system with the better hardware and more features will do better. PSP vs. DS proved that theory wrong. I will however agree that the PS Vita is in a better position than the PSP was in 2005. "

No it didn't... All the PSP Vs. DS has proven is that price matters. PSV has plenty of heavy hitting exclusives that are just as good as Nintendo's. You honestly think that Nintendo has the end all, be all franchises? It didn't help it be #1 during the N64 era when all the PS1 had were brand new ips.

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a_bro2588d ago

Im very sure it will. but i agree to that point as well.

from here on out, its all down to the games. Nintendo as we all know have them.

But Like I said, im sure that PSV is going to be drowned with games, and of higher quality as well.

-Alpha2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

What do you mean "Higher quality"? If you mean better graphics and more advanced, sure. But Nintendo titles have a high quality as well. It's about gameplay and the list of exclusives on both sides have that quality factor. Nintendo titles sure don't look as pretty, but they are toe and toe when it comes to quality of the gameplay.

As for PSV getting drowned in games, I like their launch lineup a lot. Titles like Delta, Gravity Daze, and Sound Shapes sound excellent. But past that, Sony has yet to announce titles, which is why it's going to be a mystery. But the momentum going forward will favor Nintendo, I don't have a doubt about that.

metsgaming2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

yes it is about gameplay, alot of people hated the psp because it had only one stick now it has two so it can do console quality gameplay. That turned alot of people off and it hurt the shooters along with many other types of games.

LOGICWINS2588d ago

Higher production values don't necessarily mean that the Vita will have higher quality games than the 3DS.

"Quality" isn't all about graphics. Look at COD and Pokemon, neither franchise pushes any graphical boundaries...yet they are loved by MILLIONS across the globe.

VampiricDragon2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

"the games are guarranteed to come out in tons, with higher quality than the 3DS as well. "

is that what happened with the ds? or psx? or ps2? or gba?

all weaker systems. you have no clue what your talking about

where can I play a new super robot wars? or kingdom hearts? or rocket slime? or an exclusive image srpg?

thats right the 3ds.

SoapShoes2587d ago

You do realize it wasn't until AFTER the PS1/2 came out that it was out powered? PS1 > Saturn in power. PS2 > Dreamcast in power. PS2 being the most powerful at the time helped edge it over the DC!

GodHandDee2588d ago

"Sony has, traditionally, gone for that 'aspirational' gaming dollar; courting gamers with hardware that has been tremendously powerful"

yes cuz the ps2 was so powerful compared to its peers >_> seriously who the ef writes these articles? Don't they re-read them to notice such stupid statements

nopunctuation2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Just because ps2 had a slightly lower performance doesnt mean that it was far behind from its competition. People dont get it. Its not like it is today where ps3 and 360 are pretty much miles ahead from the Wii. Ps2, Gamecube and Xbox were pretty much neck and neck performance wise. Gamecube showed a better graphics chip and CPU but its full potential was never realized thanks to that mini dic so many PS2 games ended up looking better. Xbox had a great advantage with the HDD but it only showed with exclusive games. Multiplat games suffered on the system despite looking better they often showed more glitches. Ps2 had a powerful DVD starage media and a system that was easy to work with/ Devs pulled a lot out of it and its hidden potential showed in games like God of war 2, Final Fantasy 12, and Kindgom Hearts 2 so it was able to keep up with its slightly stonger competitors and even surpass them at times. Its not all about wielding a big sword but its also about how you use it. That is how that generation turned out. Nowadays its about having a big sword and knowing how to use it since most computers made these days are pretty manageable.

Peaceful_Jelly2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

there's only 1 thing wrong in your argument. Devs say that making games on the PS3 is hard but the PS2 was even harder. About the rest, I agree. FFXII and God of War look on par with some of the best looking games on the Wii.

"Carmack said it was much better to build with PS3 and 360 rather than Sega Saturn or PS2, something he said were “quirky, cranky, architectures.”"

phoenixdown2588d ago

look at ign trolling once again.

danielle0072588d ago

I think the PS Vita will be a big hit, especially since it's priced the same as the 3DS.

However, I personally don't understand how Nintendo can get away selling the same exact games but throwing them in 3D and calling it new, but it really seems to work for them. So, it won't be easy for the PSV to overcome them anytime soon.

egidem2587d ago

I agree with danielle007

The fact that PSV has competitive price just screams competition.

I just like the fact that danielle007 at least makes intelligent remarks and what she says makes sense...unlike some 116 year old TROLL here who thinks that she's a been to war and that she's princess of some land.

Aarix2587d ago

......OH! do you mean warprincess116

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