Nintendo offers music content for Ocarina of Time 3D errors

Due to Strong demand and technical issues, Nintendo is extending this offer. Members who register the game by midnight, Pacific Time on Monday June 20, 2011 will receive the soundtrack CD


To be clear: Nintendo is EXTENDING this offer due to the errors. The launch give away was pre-planned. Rules and regulation as well as directions are posted in the story. Thank you

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agentxk2527d ago

The offer was planed, they are extending it due to the error. FYI

GuruStarr782527d ago

Got mine this afternoon..... Glad I cancelled my amazon preorder, it would not have been here till tuesday or wed at the earliest.

Anyone played it so far? What do you guys think?

I've been playing it this afternoon and evening, to me it' like playing a brand new game since I have'nt played it since the original game launched on N64.

Shnazzyone2527d ago

Had i nice talk with a nintendo rep, my copy is apparently secured now. I hope they show some love to those inconvenienced.