Are Console Gamers Whining Brats?

MMGN writes: PlayStation 3 gamers rage as comparisons between Battlefield PC and PS3 footage spark outcry.

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Warprincess1162405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

No pc gamers are with their " We don't want console ports" or their constant complaining about DRM. The list goes on and on.

blackburn102405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Nah, most of them are. This generation is filled with ungrateful spoiled brats, PC gamers included They never let up about who is spoiling their experience and how PC gamers are more mature. Many gamers talk and say nothing and are full of hot air. Everyone isn't like that but most are. @ TheLastGuardian2010. No they mostly care about scores and sales.

@ LOGICWINS you misunderstand. GAMERS are mostly spoiled ungrateful brats. I just said PC gamers are too. I am basing this on the ignorant attitudes, constant whining and stupid trends that I see making up gaming these days. This generation of gamers in my opinion is the worst ever.

LOGICWINS2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

"Nah, most of them are. This generation is filled with ungrateful spoiled brats, PC gamers included They never let up about who is spoiling their experience and how PC gamers are more mature. Many gamers talk and say nothing and are full of hot air. Everyone isn't like that but most are."

How the hell do you know that MOST PC gamers are "ungrateful spoiled brats"? Thats just as stupid as assuming that all console gamers are whining brats.

Just because you may have had a COUPLE of bad experiences with PC gamers on N4G or anywhere else doesn't give you the right to label an entire group of gamers.

@blackburn10- It seems to me like your making a huge generalization. I don't see how you can make that type of determination to the point where you can say "most" gamers are spoiled. Gamers are more spoiled because as technology gets better, they expect MORE out of their gaming experience(this is a good thing IMO because it keeps devs striving to do their best).

As far as the "ungrateful" part..I don't know how you came to that conclusion.

Nitrowolf22405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

The way i see it when i comes to age, Console is where your gonna see the most immature people since many times parent buy the console compared to PC which in most cases gamers themselves pay to build one. This is one of the reason for that PC are mature claim.

They all whine though. And yeah this Gen has the most of it (power of the internet)


whats wrong with having PC ports to console then? Sure you wouldn't be happy and i can see you whining about PS3 getting 360 port. And some console games have DRM, this isn't due to PC either.

LOGICWINS2405d ago

"The way i see it when i comes to age, Console is where your gonna see the most immature people since many times parent buy the console compared to PC which in most cases gamers themselves pay to build one. This is one of the reason for that PC are mature claim."

Well said. PC gamers ARE more spoiled, but they have the RIGHT to be considering that they're shelling out more money to keep their PC up to opposed to a console gamer that spends $300-$600 on a stationary piece of hardware.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2405d ago

So.... everyone are Brats then. Remember everyone always want more.. we are never consent with whats their we will always want more it's just human nature.

Active Reload2405d ago

I don't see 360 users acting like that.

ZombieNinjaPanda2405d ago

PC Master Race here. Stop spoiling my experience blackburn

slayorofgods2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

There are SOME PS3 owners that think "the cell processor" has this magical power to unlock graphic capabilities that match even the most high tech computers in the world. If for some reason the graphics aren't matching high end pc's then they blame the developers for not understanding the cell.

Like Dice stated, "they don't understand what a modern PC is capable of".

blackbeld2405d ago

'Are Console Gamers Whining Brats?'

No not at all.

Console or pc gamers are the same.
We gamers hunger for quality and playability of a new IP game.
And not the same IP with a little extra with DLC.

Developers should realize this and stop making games if they tell us we are brats.

pangitkqb2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I find the sense of entitlement amongst typical HARDCORE gamers nothing short of astounding. Whether PS3, 360, or PC the story remains the same. The following are examples of things I always hear peeps whining about:

Latest game doesn't support _____?
Only thirty frames/second?!?
Another 360 to PS3 (or console to PC)port!?!
These shooters are all the same!

Follow these done-to-death complaints with the unending PS3 vs 360 arguments or console vs PC and what you have is a whole bunch of complaining for nothing.

Remember: The gaming industry doesn't owe us anything. They don't have to make games, and we don't have to buy them. If they choose to make a good enough product, we can then choose to reward that effort with our money. Yay, free markets!

Heartnet2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I hope ur including urself in this tbh :)

But yeh i wud say PC gamers are spoilt as they think every1 has tons of money to throw at a Pc and then upgrade it every year or so...

@Logic... PC gamers have a right to act spoilt since theyve earned it.. what aload of BS lol There spoilt if they didnt pay for it but their parents did and therefor they dont have the "right" so.. :)

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JsonHenry2405d ago

You'd have to be a PC gamer to truly understand what it means when we say we don't want a console port.

It would be like taking a Mustang GT500 and putting a straight six engine in it and telling us they did their best. If all you ever drove were straight six engines (consoles) then you would have no idea the way a cobra jet 428 (PC) feels when you push the gas pedal.

evrfighter2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

pc gaming is like playing on a team with derrick rose, dwight howard, kobe bryant, d-wade, shaq in his prime, and jordan in his prime for many years

in comes console ports

all of a sudden your team is full of lebrons ringless crybabies that don't even wanna play in the 4th quarter

pandehz2405d ago


Agreed mate.

The crashes, bugs, horrible graphics, crappy AI, bad control schemes have left me sore. Been hurt too many times by the crappy ports.

Theres only so much my wallet and time can take.

Heartnet2405d ago

If ur a PC gameer why the fuk u even care about console ports...

Nothing starts off on the Xbox then goes to the PC.. other way round so :)


Cerberus292405d ago

I think both side whine quite a bit but it also gets blown out of proportion with sites like N4G

Redgehammer2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

There are literally millions of gamers, tens of millions, so to categorize, or generalize gamers into one group, or another, is not really feasible. Millions, we hear that word so often, but do we truly grasp just how many people that is? Every age, gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, or any other discriptor we can think of populates the world of gaming. Even if you read a 1000 different articles a day, it would take 1000 days to read a million articles. We shouldn't allow the most vociferous among us, to be the watermark for what a gamer is.

mastiffchild2405d ago

Dangerously close to deflating this BS(as MOST gamers on console AND PC pretty much shut up and get on with it-though, granted we ALL, to a man, have something that winds us up in the hobby, don't we?)by using plain old logic.

So many people game, even on one platform-take PC, that t's not possible to even define what a PC gamer(or console or p[ortable)gamer really is to start with. christ, I'm willing to bet every penny Ican find trhis year that MORE people play casual games like those on FB these days than play the deeper experiences most of us here enjoy more anyway and Idon't see masss of Farmville players moaning about stuff or being over entitled, do you?

No. Also I didn't see too many Ninty, Sony or 360 gamners moaning much about ANYTHING either and we tend to forget that the loudest and most opinionated gamers show up places like here and it makes us imagine there's a whole World of people out there that even CARE as much about this as we do and the fact is, even then, MOST of N4G aren't cry babies. As you say, they're allowing a few idiots to support a very spurious and insulting opinion and one you could use the idiots to support on ANY platform and probably from any other passionate hobby too.

Cry baby console gamers are as much the minority on consoles as elitist tools are on PC. Sure both communities have idiots but the amount of overlap(who here doesn't have more than one gaming platform? Fewer than do I suspect)makes tying any group down hard enough without us just listening to JUST the biggest tools on each.

Laika2405d ago

pc gamers are very annoying.

Motorola2405d ago

Nah just the fanboys. Fanboys of any kind are bad. PC fanboys tend to be harshest since they have key bragging points.

Heartnet2405d ago

Agreed they need to be kicked off their imaginary High horse haha :)

PC gaming is dying and there to ignorant to realise it ;)

Laika2405d ago

dont get me wrong. i have a nice pc and i love it. i dont game on it as much as my ps3. im just sick of pc elitists. more annoying than console fanboys imo

mcsm2404d ago

@heartnet lol your comment will make the elitist's enrage and break there £5000 machine.

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Jezuz2405d ago

So you'd like DRM on your games ? I guess its alright for Ubisoft to let me play my AC2 only when I have an internet connection.

pandehz2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

@Warpussy69 or whatever

ROFLMAO you just proved it that console gamers are whiners. First whining of the day started by u. WTF hahahahahahah

But seriously I guess its just u and ur friends whining all over the net and making everyone look bad.

Or maybe u dont have friends and its just u all over the net.

Solid_Snake-2405d ago

can we all just get along and play some games.

pc has made the battlefield franchise what it is today....why shouldnt we get a better version.

the bad company games have nearly been equal aside from graphics and servers.

pc gamers do deserve to have there hardware used properly by 3rd party devs.

i say dice. if we pc gamers have the real next gen hardware then good on you for using it to make amazing games. if the console is restricted then go and do your best on there aswell. no one can blame you for your console work. MS&SNY made there consoles limeted not you.

Heartnet2405d ago

Dude they have to learn to adapt to the Console hardware there given moreso than PC as that is where A LARGE majoity of sales will come in..

You cant make excuses for any developer making a bad console port.. end off..

A good dev.. any dev.. shud start of knowing the hardware restrictions so :)

Theres a reason ur on 1 bubble...


madmanden2404d ago

@Heartnet A good developer can create an engine that can scale over a large amount of hardware. It has nothing to do with hardware limitations and more to do with how they set up the graphics pipeline. You can have a truly beautiful game on a PC but if you have a 3+ year old PC and try to play the cutting edge youre going to have to settle for low settings, same goes for consoles. You have older hardware and therefore you have no reason to expect anything else than the lowest possible settings.

If you want to see something that is pushing PC hardware along you could go to the mod scene and find stuff like this: (shameless plug) ;) Also Fakefactorys cinematic mod is a stunning remake of Half-life 2 and the two episodes.

Just my two cents :)

spektical2405d ago

... is very true. PC elitists love to shove down anything non PC gamers throats.

In fact, this is getting ridiculous only a handful o people are complaining with no reason. The ones that are complaining with reason point out that multiplats still cannot master the PS3 or 360 for that matter. This is true, and PC elitist think otherwise.

DasTier2405d ago

Exactly, can anyone remember what happened with crysis 2?

snipes1012405d ago

I own all three consoles...and I still say yes. All I've heard is a bunch of whining about this game. Not to say PC gamers can't be just as bad (they can be).

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LOGICWINS2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

"Are Console Gamers Whining Brats?"

Why are you trying to label a large group of people that uve never met? Unbelievable. Some dumbass little group on the Internet whine about the PS3 version of BF3 not being on par with the PC version...then all of a sudden ALL console gamers are whining brats.

You sound like my parents. When I RARELY forget to turn off the oven, all of a sudden, I'm ALWAYS screwing up lol.

HardCover2405d ago

It's just the title.

Try reading a little further into it.

But hey I guess this is N4G. People commenting on a simple title shouldn't surprise me too much. Can't wait for the double digit disagrees.

vickers5002405d ago

With a title like that, it doesn't DESERVE to be read. The douche that used the flamebait title is just as bad as the people who comment on it without reading it. Don't try to defend this jackass.

thugbob2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

No it's not just a title. I'm tired of misleading titles for hits.

People have a right to comment on just the title. If you don't want people to comment on a title alone don't write titles that target an entire group especially when you're intentions is to target "some" of the group.

HardCover2405d ago

You two are pretty dense.

he posited a question and moved on to different ideas.

Seriously, ya'll are some real sensitive Nancies to get your panties bunched up that quick. I don't accept "waaaaah!" as an argument.

thugbob2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

-Move on to idea one

-Move on to idea two

-Move on to idea three

Ah yes, I understand your point now HardCover. Thank you for explaining it to me.

JeffGUNZ2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

@ hardcover.

Actually, I think you're the one that looks like an idiot.

Let me write an article entitled, "I hate non-gamers", then my article will state I hate this one kid, billy, who happens to be a non-gamer and is angered about something that doesn't bother me, or any other non-gamers.

It's called generalizing and it's a sign of poor writing. It's like me saying that anyone with the name "hard" in their name is an idiot, when in reality, I am only focusing on you.

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jack who2405d ago ShowReplies(2)
TheLastGuardian20102405d ago

This is the NUMBER 1 reason why I miss the last gen. Last gen we cared about the GAMES, we cared about whether they would turn out good. Now, all we care about is graphics, textures, frame rate, ugh.

No offense, but with all this focus on graphics, did they remember to make a good game, with a decent plot? Or is the graphics the only reason I should play this game.

macewindex2405d ago

If you're a PC gamer-
Ever heard of graphics wars? Those WERE last gen... the closer we get to photorealism in games, the less people will care about these things, it's already happening as we reach the part of the gaming cycle where we begin to concentrate on story yet again.
Either you're out of touch, or idolizing the era in which Crysis was considered THE game to have.
If you're a console gamer-
Graphics aren't at the stage of being photorealistic for another cycle (cycle and a half to optimize the true potential of the next-gensystems) , thus people will be unsatisfied with an experience that's illusion of reality is slightly thrown off by imperfect framerates and jagged textures.
I also believe that you forget which developer you are speaking of here... DICE has always created great games by fabricating in-depth multiplayer experiences (and singleplayer stories, to a lesser extent) by utilizing the latest graphics, sound, and engine-driven environments. They utilize technology to bring a better experience, and SOME people can get caught up thinking that it's the technology that makes the game, when it really enhances the illusion; yet this ignorance isn't as bad as much of the graphics wars in which many great games were scoffed away by the consumer just because they were 'irrelevant' graphically.
I'm trying not to generalize the last era to conflict your romanticism of it, I would just like to point out that video games of the last generration were not purely story-based works of art that put technology aside as an enhancement.

Jio2405d ago

generalization much?