The Top Trailers of E3 2011: OXCGN Picks The Best


"Another E3 has come and gone, and we are all left with tremendous anticipation for the games heading our way this holiday season, and many more to come in the following 12 months that often slip through the cracks with such a huge event.

"For some of you, you may be experiencing withdrawals at this point.

"But fear not fellow gamers, for OXCGN is bringing you our top trailers from E3 2011 [in no particular order of course]. We'll look at some of the major AAA titles, as well as some of the ones that slipped through the door-cracks."

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Godem2561d ago

Good list. Still can't believe no Halflife Ep3

Proeliator2561d ago

They WILL be at Gamescom... fingers crossed!!

Rhythmattic2561d ago

Where's that Bitchin' Prey 3 trailer ?

Rhythmattic2560d ago

Opps , Meant Prey 2...

Seems BF "3" is burnt into my mind.....

TheBeast2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

And all of the videos are for mature audiences, sorry kiddys.

@below: I know it is, but it just shows how awesome the rated M for mature games are :P

Proeliator2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

It's an industry requirement to put unrated game trailers behind an age gate. :)

gaminoz2561d ago

Yeah, well the 'underaged' gamers seem to mostly have been forgotten this gen unless they get Wii.

gaminoz2561d ago

Great list of vids. Those were some awesome videos for sure. Can't wait for AC: R and Uncharted 3 in particular. Tomb Raider was a surprise.

BrianC62342561d ago

I wonder why they say Nathan Drake is back for one final journey? I haven't seen anything that says this is the last Uncharted game.

Proeliator2561d ago

It's probably safe to assume that it's the final main game.

Naughty Dog undoubtedly wants to go to something else.

BadCircuit2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

They may be killing him off? They said they would do it if they wanted to.

Mind you I don't see them abandoning the Uncharted franchise completely.

BrianC62342561d ago

I don't know about that. They said after Uncharted 2 they'll keep making the games as long as gamers want them. They might make a different game next but they can still do a lot more with this franchise.