SFX-360: Duke Nukem Forever Review

Jay at SFX-360 says:

"15 Years, a mountain of jokes, countless E3 teasers, and now finally the longest delayed vaporware in video game history was released on June 14th 2011. This is a day that shall mark not only the death of an era, and hopefully those jokes, but the beginning of a new one. Not much has changed in 15 years, and that is the joke.

If you’ve managed to live under a rock the last decade and a half, Duke Nukem Forever is the sequel to Duke Nukem 3D, which was at its time considered hilarious, with fantastic gameplay. It had a few follow up expansion packs, and was beloved throughout the gaming world."

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xtheownerzx2561d ago

As much as I wanted to play Duke Nukem because of the good ole days, looks like im staying far away from this one.

Nitrowolf22561d ago

well if it's cause the good ole days then i suggest you try it by renting it(i did). It was a fun game. I can understand the score of course but it'll still give entertainment for a good few hours.

xtheownerzx2561d ago

I'm not opposed to renting it if that's the case. I'll take everyones words for it i should give a chance.

H2OAcidic2561d ago

Yea, I'll agree with you. The only way I'll play the game is if I can get the game for $20 or less. Heck at the moment I'd rather play the classic Duke Nukem games until then.

BubbleSniper2561d ago

Why not try it? I think it's fun. It's basically a throwback game. It was an old game that was FINISHED by Gearbox. We're just playing an old game with semi-new paint.

I dunno. I like it. Just my opinion. not a 4,5 or 6. I think it's a high 7 to solid 8. It's fun, stupid, corny and it's DUKE.

spunnups2561d ago

def at least want to give this a go at some point

H2OAcidic2561d ago

Same! I'll just wait for the price drop.

BubbleSniper2561d ago

lol disagree

you could always rent it.

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