Comic-book games don't need multiplayer -- get over it! (Bitmob)

Superhero video games are just fine with interesting single-player stories; they don't need multiplayer modes.

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Pikajew2583d ago

Comic book games have to be made the the right developer that would work hard to make it good

Dart892583d ago

I'm curious to see what the creators of Arkham Asylum could do with all the super heroes.

femshep2583d ago

a lot of games don't need multiplayer but developers like being unoriginal or sell themselfs out.....*cough*bioware*cought*

DarkTower8052583d ago

In a way you're right, most games don't need multiplayer. But once in a while a game that doesn't need it, adds it and great things happen, case in point Uncharted 2.

nCiTy2583d ago

What about superhero games based on teams?