Console Domination- Child of Eden Review

Over the past few years I have done my share of game reviews and previews but none as difficult to do as this one. On one hand Child of Eden is a very, very short game (you can finish it in about two hours) but it costs $50’s. There are things to unlock but it doesn’t have the replay ability that most games do. There is no multiplayer nor is there co-op. With that being said one can honestly say that this is one of the best games ever played in 20+ years of gaming.

CoE is the successful fusion of art, music and gaming wrapped in a delicious pita of sensory indulgence. You don’t play CoE as much as you experience it, and it is an experience that every gamer and non-gamer should have.

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beast242tru2590d ago

this guy seems to have had an orgasm playing this game

nilamo2590d ago

Kinect = handsfree gaming *wink *wink

Active Reload2590d ago

Console Domination? I can see why Pc gamers get mad at us console gamers, lol.

ClaveroRulz2590d ago

I wanna see him playing Wipeout HD Zone Mode. I bet he'll give it a 90/10 lol

Iancranium2590d ago

That's what it looks like on screen!

Bigpappy2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

There have been mostly great reviews from these unknown sites, and very good from a few known sites.

I wanted to play this anyway due to its uniqueness and innovative use kinect's input. It might unlock other ideas for using the device.

I am eger to see how he implements the Move version also. Since the Kinect version only uses your hands, he should no problem doing something simular on 2 Moves. Doing it with 1 Move and using buttons to replace the function of the second hand would make the experience too different, I think.

I am tempted to rent the game, but I am conflicted as I would like to support the developer's hard work.

REALgamer2590d ago

Go for it. I'm loving Child of Eden, and for once the motion controls trump using the controller (which is also available in the game).

One of the most 'in the zone' games you'll ever play. Just make sure to turn the sound up and lights out while you play.

Bigpappy2590d ago

Thanks for the heads-up. I will pickup this week and will comment under one of the COE theards on my experience. I am going to complete it first Kinect then the controller.

baodeus2590d ago

yup, agree with realgamer. The kinect work better than control for this game. It just feel right. Try kinect first then try to use controller, u'll see a big difference. Good thing is, kinect respond is great (1:1 like to me if you set it on fast mode) Although 3D for this game would be amazing too, it is made for it.

REALgamer2590d ago

3D would be insane! But on a serious note, this is definitely NOT a game for any with a history of epilepsy.

I reckon gyroscope controls would also work really well with Child of Eden on something like the PS Vita. Keep the crosshair centred, but move the actual handheld to look around within the sort of cone of vision used in the 360 version (moving the crosshair to the edge of the screen with Kinect makes you look further in that direction).