Xbox Live has NOT been hacked - Microsoft

Microsoft has moved to clarify that the security of Xbox Live has not been compromised, after hacking group LulzSec published what appear to be personal details and password data from users.

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_CoD-Pro_2467d ago

xbox has not got hack because Bill Gates

-Alpha2467d ago

He's a COD pro, he knows what he's talking about

BubbleSniper2467d ago

since when did Bill Gates become one with the Matrix?

BeAGamer2467d ago

so many retarded comments in this article
it's truly mind-boggling

SilentNegotiator2467d ago

If you used better grammar and weren't named "", I would have assumed you were going for a clever pun, but I'm guessing you're just trolling.

So I'll fix it up for you.

Why wasn't xbox live hacked? Because Bill gates it.
Get it? Noun then verb. Bill does the gating to keep out hackers.

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Brian52472467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

So what they mean is its pretty much been hacked.

v1c1ous2467d ago

very constructive comments

DrFUD2467d ago

And RROD is within an acceptable industry failure rate so it's not a problem

JasonPC360PS3Wii2467d ago

PSN failure was PS3's RROD.

Xbox Live = hack free

DigitalRaptor2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )


It was a serious problem but it lasted a month, and the only real issue was the network was down for a month and caused Sony huge financial loss. Did it affect the consumer financially?

NO! (well that depends on whether or not those Call of Duty addicts went to buy a 360 + Live subscription in the meantime).

Remind me how long RROD lasted for again? YEARS. And did Microsoft knowingly deny it until they faced lawsuits? YOU BET!

RROD has caused many millions of people to spend money on multiple 360 units over the years, 3 year warranty or not. Based on what actually happened and the circumstances involved, RROD was much, much worse.

zeal0us2467d ago

I don't support hacking but if they did indeed hack xbl why don't they just post the info on their site?

Well I went ahead and change my password anyway. Seeing as I had the same password for the two years.

OSIRUSSS2467d ago

I bet hackers are using the PS3 to preform the trillions of calculations it takes to hack XBlive.

meetajhu2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

A 40$ core2duo will beat the shit out of cell

Upbeat2467d ago

ROFL !!! another comment on n4g from a user that hasnt got A CLUE about cpus and their processing power

PirosThe4th2467d ago

You know it probably wouldn't... if you make a proper program that uses ALL the SPEs then it would go off flying... and beat the shit out of the core2duo... :P

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