Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 to have an "Awesome" Feature

Johan Andersson, the lead Rendering Architect at DICE and for their upcoming game Battlefield 3 has said that the Xbox 360 version of the game will have an "awesome" feature.

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SuperSaiyan42438d ago

Awesome feature *rolls eyes*

Hanif-8762438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I really wanna see a direct gameplay trailer of the PS3 version. I actually thought that Dice would of released that by now :-(

HeavenlySnipes2438d ago

I'm not even going to tell him. Someone else do it.....

Stevo912438d ago

You been living under a stone the last few days?

helghast1022438d ago

He said "Direct", meaning an actual gameplay trailer, and not an on-stage demo.
Jesus christ guys

hiredhelp2438d ago

Ill do it Deadlyspartan, theres a site called youtube try using it .
Battlefield 3 ps3 gameplay . Youll see

Deputydon2438d ago


Just to clarify, He means actual gameplay in general captured directly from the source (PS3/Xbox360) and not using an offscreen camera or a crappy partial SD direct feed.

In other words, NBC sucks.

NukaCola2438d ago

I assume it's Kinect related.

Winter47th2438d ago Show
NoBias2438d ago

I'm hoping for a replay editor.

frostypants2438d ago

Yep, probably a Kinect feature. Something like "make grenade throwing motion, and your guy will toss a grenade 3 seconds later if no one shoots you first".

koh2438d ago

Did you read the article? It says the awesome feature is lighting related... how anyone gets Kinect from that I don't know.

Fred-G-Sanford2438d ago

The 360 version already has an awesome feature, it's called "the Xbox 360 controller".

That alone is reason enough for me to purchase multiplats for my 360.

bakasora2437d ago

What feature? You need to swap disc when you play multiplayer? lol

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AuToFiRE2438d ago

does it have anything to do with "PEW! PEW! PEW! PEW!*

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xAlmostPro2438d ago

Seems abit cheap of dice.. use up part of the sony e3 conference to announce exclusive weapon.. to then say the 360 version will have a better extra..

take sonys money then give the col stuff to the rival.. lol

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2438d ago
Jaces2438d ago

Kinect?! YUSSS!!

....Oh wait, never mind. :(

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kwicksandz2438d ago

cross game chat 360 exclusive confirmed

ChrisW2438d ago

The awesome feature will hopefully be PC - Xbox cross platform gameplay.

Kurt Russell2437d ago

It will be a little odd all the PC lot flying around in Jets on parts of the maps that aren't accessible to those playing on xbox though...

Almost a tad unfair?

ChrisW2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )


Both PS3 and Xbox have games that can be played online with the PC. There are currently 12 cross-platform games:

Ice2ms2437d ago

They aren't saying it's not possible, the PC version has more players online ( 64 I think correct me if I'm wrong ) and the maps will probably be bigger.
Basically the PC version is like a different game.

Kurt Russell2437d ago

As Ice2ms said... I wasn't generalising, I was specifically referring to Battlefield 3 and basing my response from the 100's of articles we've had talking about the difference between each platform.

A link to 11 completely unrelated games being cross platform is about as much use as a link to the flat earth societies homepage right now.

ChrisW2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

My "NOPE!" was referring to gcolley's statement. Oh and by the way, you forgot to count 'Quake 3', thus equals 12.

Also let's not forget that the numbers of players per a map can be changed. Now, you can disagree with me all you want, besides you seem good at it, but cross platform online is the only "awesome" feature that I can possibly imagine.

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squidyj2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

It's a feature of the lighting. N4G is so bad at disseminating actual information

"repi Johan Andersson
@obiadekanobi we have a special lighting solution on Xbox 360 as well that we haven't talked about yet, it's also pretty awesome :)"

"I love talking directly to gamers, but too many troll journalists out there so think I'll have to shut up about #bf3 details for now, bye"


MWong2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

I was wondering what everybody has been talking about in this article. The only feature Andersson mentioned was a lighting system that allows the game to share the same brightness as the PS3 version. WooHoo more lights???

I see people talking about Kinect voice commands, additional weapons .... etc. That's how rumors are made.

DeadlyFire2437d ago

Oh wow we get voice commands for SP on Kinect? I really don't care at all about any Kinect feature.

hamburger1232437d ago

Xbox has RROD Support and PS3 YLOD?

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jukins2438d ago

now lighting is a "feature" and also DUPLICATE STORY!!!!

kingdoms2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Perhaps a advanced lighting system that take advantage of the edram. Dynamic lighting as advanced as halo reach and forza 4

Don't be mad fella. Microsoft has been requiring devs to take advantage of the 360 hardware lately and not just simply cranking them out neglecting quality and the full capabilities of the 360.


Dice's plans of hyping the game by taking advantage of ps3 fans backfired. Who's to say Dice didn't have something special planned for the 360 all along(they did) but they're hyping the 360 version early to punish the ps3 fans

I wish devs would ignore the whinners, they don't have to praise ps3 as a god to sell games. The ps3 fans may smear, slander and attack the company and game but they will buy your games in the end.

Why o why2438d ago

Thought we didnt buy games. You sure flip flop to suit your cause dontcha.

Nothing wrong with the 360 version getting extras imo though i doubt its anything drastic or as definitive as our fella heres projecting. Ime will tell

Ju2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

But it sure is OK to do that for the 360 then. /s

We'll see if the whining will be the same when we will actually see 360 footage. I don't even think that rant came from (serious) PS3 fans. Every PS3 gamer who saw the footage can sure appreciate what Dice has built here.

It doesn't even mean anything. All 3 versions have very specific code tailored to each platform. Obviously PS3's SPU based deferred renderer will not run on the 360, nor on the PC. Neither will the heavily shader based deferred renderer of the PC run on either PS3 nor 360, and so Dice will come up with what ever strength the 360 has to implement what's needed in the best way for that platform, too. Duuuh. Seriously?

Persistantthug2438d ago

Or maybe those games were taking full advantage of XBOX 360's hardware afterall.......I suppose that's possible.


jukins2438d ago

what a stupid statement lol. "Microsoft has been requiring devs to take advantage of the 360 hardware lately" really just read that a couple times to yourself. So now all the sudden Microsoft implemented some sort of standard for 3rd party devs? really? How would they go about doing that? please explain. but like i said in my post "lighting is now a special feature" as if the pc or ps3 version wont have good lighting effects.

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2438d ago


you are completely clueless. Dont write anymore.

paintsville2438d ago Show
DigitalRaptor2438d ago

You're beyond deluded, it's funny.

I skimmed through your coment history, then I went to wash out my eyes.

Ju2438d ago

"Unfortunately lately developers have been programming for the lowest common demnominator (PS3) holds these games back and they never really reach their full potential."

Oh, yes, I remember. The PS3 held back Halo Reach, Gears of War, Alan Wake, ... hm...yep, exactly. /s

KRATOS-PS32438d ago

kingdoms: do us a favor and sign out forever.

KwietStorm2438d ago

Lmao you can't be serious man you just can't

chazjamie2438d ago

Wtf is wrong with you retards. What kingdom is saying is true. Its been confirmed by DIGITAL FOUNDRY.

dafada2437d ago


dude do you ever get tired of talking shit out your ass? wtf you're a supreme xbox fanboy we get that...go play your box and stop trolling already....and if ps3 is the lowest common denominator then why do almost all of its exclusives look incredible?...woooooooww and people like to talk shit about ps3 fans when there are just as much 360 fansboys out there like paintsville and kingdoms

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Brosy2438d ago

jukins you seem butthurt as well as a couple others in this section. Shame. Cant we all just get along?

jukins2438d ago

how do i seem butt hurt? like I said before "lighting is a special feature" Im getting the game regardless of "special lighting" on the 360 lol. Try to find something else to nitpick on

EVO-OM3GA2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Lighting hmmmm I will wait to hear more

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JellyJelly2438d ago

That's awesome...I guess.

Jio2438d ago

I actually am quite jelly of your avatar