A Look Back: Tekken 6 (PlayStation 3) Review [Triple Entente Radio]

Romel Ramos - Welcome to the Iron Fist Tournament, a world full of hand-to-hand melee combat and adrenaline-fueled excitement. Play head-to-head against friends as one of the many unique characters whose fighting styles range from Chinese martial arts and Tae Know Do, to boxing as well as Capoera. Tekken 6 is a major upgrade from the previous Tekken lineup, boasting the largest roster of characters in the franchise; a new, interactive online play option and an unlimited number of character customization options. This is the ultimate fighting game to play!

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gameguidedog2464d ago

Always enjoyed watching a good bout on the Tekken series. Good title to recap IMHO.

ThanatosDMC2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Meh, i disagree. Tekken 6 is broken in the sense of bound and lifting combos. At higher ranks, everybody uses the same 6-11 hit combo for each character since if the first blow hits the rest would definitely hit. They need to either get rid of bound/air combos or add breaker and go back to the roots like in Tekken 3/4 in which combos arent long and we utilized different moves that arent predictable.

If you watched the last Korean tournament on Tekken 6, you see both players just waiting for the other one to make a mistake to be able to do the same combo that everybody else does online. I dont consider that pro gaming at all if everybody could do the same thing.

I love tekken and i consider the series the best fighter compared to shitty Street Fighter that a lot of nubs rave about. Sadly, Tekken is less famous.

edit: Tekken 5 was fine and was pretty balance without any broken/bound repetitive combos except for Ling Xiaoyu since she can pick you right up from the ground and do an unlimited broken combo.

Baka-akaB2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

tekken 5 was quite broken actually , especially with some characters . T6 Juggles and bound are annoying , too long , and something that i wouldnt miss at all , but at least that same boring method works for every character of the game .

T5 was ran by its top tiers characters and infinites (steve infinites with even stun anyone ?) . T6 got tiers by it's more a list of annoying character to fight (like bob ) , than a true tier system .

If you watched the same tournaments for t5 , it was always he same boring characters , for very good reasons .

I wont even touch your crazy sf rant also .

SoapShoes2464d ago

I still liked 5 much better. 6 wasn't bad though.

Baka-akaB2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

It' a great game , and the most balanced tekken so far (except for the juggle abuse the bound system help reinforce) , but it still suffer from a few annoyances and mistakes than should deprive him of such a perfect score imo .

The customisation as an example , it's nice , but almost of all useless when not playing online .

You can't display customs if you are player 2 , since you can't load profiles , nor can you even get the game to remember your buttons configs since it's tied to p1's profile .

The game is a bit spoiled by lots of little crap like that , and a rather subpar online code .

ThanatosDMC2464d ago

I disagree, but read above.

ChronoJoe2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Netcode lets game down. In my opinion. Also I don't like how some of the characters feel like you're playing on some form of easy mode until high level play.

For instance I have huge respect for the people who play characters like Steve and Eddy at high level... but at low/intermediate these characters feel kind of stupid. A as spamming steve fox has a decent chance of beating an intermediate, Brian, for instance.

takohma2463d ago

T6 was good for me. It lasted for about 3 years or so. I still play when someone calls me out just so I can slaughter them with Steve or Paul lol. But T5DR lasted me even longer lol. It was the first online Tekken and it opened up my world to how many different players there are. ThanatosDMC is right everyone just waits for someone to make mistakes instead of being intuitive and just play. Too cautious and it gets boring playing people like that lol

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