Nine Songs You Will Forever Link to Video Games

Save and Quit - "There are certain songs that you hear in movies or the radio that make you stop and go “Hey, isn’t that song from that one game?” Over the years, gaming has helped artists get their names into public knowledge, where they become forever embedded in our brains. Here is a look (listen?) at nine songs that, when heard, are instantly linked to a video game."

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jbl3162589d ago

awesome unique article you wrote here. My favorites are Tony Hawk and Crazy Taxi. Those songs bring back very nice memories. Too bad the recent PSN/Xbox LIVE version of Crazy Taxi had all-new songs :(

Brash_Attack2589d ago

Tell me about it. I was all excited to be listening to Bad Religion and The Offspring on Crazy Taxi again when I downloaded it on XBLA. A sad let down. At least the game stayed the same (minus the Tower Records and KFCs).

Spydiggity2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

why was it a sad let down?

that SR-71 song reminds me way more of really un-funny teen "comedies" from a decade ago.

and the final countdown associated with saints row? i don't think so. Gob all the way!

and what about that Butthole Surfers song for the Play it Loud commercials?

SasanovaS19872589d ago

im the king by royce da 59 in GTA III

zeal0us2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

lol out of all the songs from GTA3 thats the only 1 I remember the most.

that and
the pogo the monkey infomercials
Liberty City Survivors
the dumb guy who thought world be a better place if everyone was naked or something along those lines.

Man I miss SSX tricky.

jrisner2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Yup 10 in 2010 for crazy taxi is perfect. Always think of it when I hear that song and was bummed when they changed the soundtrack for the PS3 release.

Barajas_2012589d ago

how about the fallout 3 soundtrack, it was sweat!!! "his hacking, his waking, his smaking, his hack, wak, slap that dude" thats what it sounded like to me lol

HobbsCanuck2589d ago

to be honest, i put some of those on my ipod :S

Barajas_2012589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

no shame bro, i did too :P

Relientk772589d ago

That's a pretty good list, definitly agree with majority of these picks. I would add GLaDOS "Still Alive" to the list from Portal.

Brash_Attack2589d ago

It did come to mind, but I was going for songs that weren't really written for video games. More songs that were put out on albums or whatever and used in video games. Coulton wrote Still Alive for Portal.

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