All Age Gaming: Duke Nukem Forever Xbox 360 Review

AAG's Tyler Chancey writes: "Duke Nukem Forever, the winner of 9000 Vaporware of the Year awards and harbinger of the Apocalypse on the fact that so many outrageous bets will need to be fulfilled upon its release, has been released to the public. The sequel to the influential Duke Nukem 3D from circa 1996 has finally hit shelves and it only took about fourteen years to get here. The biggest joke in the entire games industry now has its punchline, problem is the set-up was more hilarious."

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Legionaire20052442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

They need to just stop with all these reviews lol we know its bad.

CraigGOA2442d ago

Well we are entitled to publish our own review mate, but I do know what you mean. This was supposed to be an awesome return for the Duke, but unfortunately it hasn't turned out that way.

Legionaire20052442d ago

I know, but what Im trying to say is that there already too much review for the game being bad and some reviews think its good. I know its bad LOL. I return the game to gamestop and used it to preorder Fear 3, which is a better game. You can even see leak videos on youtube of Fear 3's gameplay and it looks great.