Ten Worst Dads in a Video Game

In honor of Father’s Day, we decided to list the ten worst dads in video games. Perhaps this list will make you a bit more appreciative of your own father.

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Godmars2902586d ago

Forget a single episode on Maury, with all Zeus has done you could build a reality based network around him.

Lykon2585d ago

jayson jayson jayson jayson jason (press X) omg i hated that game ..[SPIOLER].....i think i helped him save the kid from the puddle...[SPIOLER END] but jesus wept one play through was more than enough. Ethan wasn't a bad dad really, but it was an annoying boring game with a LOT of plot holes, so i hated him anyway.

BlackHulk2586d ago

exactly, that's all we can do at him

Lord_Sloth2585d ago

Ethan went through hell and back to find his son. Ethan Mars is 1 HELL of a father, IMO!

His 1st son's death wasn't really his fault and his second son's mishap was due to a blackout which was also, hardly his fault.

In the end, he was a kickass father!

Arnon2585d ago

His son ran away because he wasn't paying attention, and he started having blackouts because of his neglectfulness towards his son that died, which caused his second son to be kidnapped.

It's his fault.

egidem2585d ago

He was a kickass father, depending on how you finish the game of course. If you for example decided not to go through those brutal trials, then you sucked as a dad. But some of those trials were pretty brutal to watch, like the one where you make him cut off his finger.

ChronosRaikou2585d ago

Yeah I agree with you. But Black Hulk just put him on the list for lulz. I just replayed Heavy Rain for the trophies and Ethan was a great father. Just very unfortunate.

Ser2585d ago


That's a sadly tragic situation where no one should be at fault.

If you're going to blame someone blame Jason for running in front of the car like a moron.

RedDead2585d ago

His son was the retard, what the hell was he doing?

maniacmayhem2585d ago

Ethan was? He takes his son to a park and blacks out till night time?

That doesn't sound like a kick ass father to me.

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M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Lol @ Arnon blaming the father. Ethan was an excellent father IMO. He went through hell and back to get his son back. Thinking about Heavy Rain now, I should play it again.

-EvoAnubis-2585d ago

Yeah, Ethan was a hell of a dad the way I played him. Scott's dad, on the other hand, was a POS.

jbl3162586d ago

Scott Shelby's dad in Heavy Rain was terrible too lol. Too drunk to save his own son!

Treezy5042585d ago

Yep I would have definitely chose him instead of Ethan. At least Ethan tried to save his sons.

Lord_Sloth2585d ago

Spoilers, dude. I've beaten the game as well but still, some haven't and my experience was ruined by a villain list that didn't say spoilers and spilled the beans as to the identity of the Origami Killer.

danielle0072585d ago

It's been a really long while since Heavy Rain came out. If someone has managed to avoid finding out who the killer is for this long, I'm sure they're actively avoiding any possible spoilers, which would mean any article that has a hint of Heavy Rain and its comment sections.

evrfighter12585d ago

Mi bad. That was pretty douchebag of me

-EvoAnubis-2585d ago

Yeah, if you haven't played Heavy Rain by now, you kinda deserve to have it spoiled. The game came out more than a year ago. After 6 months, I stop caring about possible spoilers.

rabidpancakeburglar2586d ago

I always worked under the assumption that when budding pokemon trainers were young, an evil organisation ordered hits on their fathers, hence why they were never around.

BlackHulk2586d ago

I think all fathers were either gym leaders or part of an evil organization

DevilsJoker2585d ago

Glad the writer remembered Brock's dad in the anime. As soon as I hear 'Pokemon dads' I just think about that guy selling rocks for no damn reason 40 foot from his abandoned family. Just....what.

ChronosRaikou2585d ago

Thats the conversation we had while writing the article. And I said the SAME THING. Rocks? What?!

Valvatorez2585d ago

''By the way,thats a $2 charge for resting on my rocks!'' He was a mean bastard too.

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