Console Owners Shouldn’t Abuse Battlefield 3′s Graphics


"Before you start to flame bait this article, I do understand that the demo shown on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” was pre-alpha footage.

Something really does bug me about some console owners. When they see footage of a PC version of a game, they always seem to believe that the graphics will not be as good on consoles. Usually, when I play a game, I want to get the best graphics as possible. But then when I read comments on people’s thoughts about Battlefield 3′s graphics on console, it just annoys me that they are some who are just not happy."


I know about the image. I apologize.

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captain-obvious2440d ago

that pic is from a SOCOM game
just sayin

Active Reload2440d ago

This game, like most military shooters, look too "plain" to me for me to care about it's graphics, I need something with some style to it. They're cool though and I can see why people gravitate to them, especially if their type of game-play is satisfying to them.

Panthers2440d ago

I also like art style more than realism. Killzone does it very well. It looks somewhat realistic, but there is some defenant artistic styling going on that just makes it so much more appealing.

DualConsoleOwner2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

People are just complaining that it does not look as good as PS3 top exclusives.

Sony's first party devs were able to make those games. Surely Dice could do the same....

pixelsword2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

This is all coming from Dice: they're trying to deflect their shortcomings because everyone was ticked-off about the weapons and such in the game, and now they're manufacturing this drama to get everyone's eyes off of what was pissing them off about the game in the first place.

Everyone knows that 3rd party games won't look as good as 1st party games, and all because they themselves bragged about their failed "Next gen" frostbite engine improvements earlier (which doesn't look as good as Crysis, a "this gen" game) so why would anyone think differently about this game?

hiredhelp2439d ago

Active Reload
not being funny m8, but what do you want the flaming tropics.
Thoe if your mearly stating that all modern combat games are very samish to a certan extent your 120% right they are.
its very hard to make a modern combat game that will have something new that nobody has done or try to be constantly compared to a arcade call of duty clone.

myself as i have always stated this game rocks on watever format they have spent 5 years remaking a new engine unlike many devs who touch up on old engines or milk there engines(COD)
so for that reason i commend DICE'.
and recently its not just dice we have seen the new cry engine 3 ID tech 4, yes some others choose to increase rpices flog out DLC not put anything back for the gamers.

anyways going back to battlefield. DICE have not only taken care of console gamers. but also unlike crytek they have given pc gamers the option to utilize there video cards too.

from what ive seen soo far i cant wait to see what can be next. dontforget not just dices new engine involved ppl. but fifa's new tech for animation alot work gon into this game.

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Inside_out2440d ago

What is this kid going on about in that blog. Dice is the one that told everybody how great they are and how all devs are lazy and that their frostbite 2 engine is a next gen engine in the current gen...o_O

Then they show some fancy pants, pie in the freaking sky, too good to be true, if your happy and you know it, 1080p 60fps footage and acted like that was how the game was going to look...O_o

They should just say we are sorry for trying to mislead and blatantly lie to everyone including the media and offer a personal apology to Mr Bobby Kotick, who out of the goodness of his heart pointed out that EA and Dice were frauds for showing only PC footage and trying to pass it off as console footage....yep, that should do it. Oh and btw, stop talking until you show 10 minutes of that action packed tank ride through the desert in glorious 720p and 30 ( sometimes 22 ) fps...then we will all be fine.

DERKADER2440d ago

"Then they show some fancy pants, pie in the freaking sky, too good to be true, if your happy and you know it, 1080p 60fps footage and acted like that was how the game was going to look...O_o"

That's how the game will look for me. :)

Jappy-k72440d ago

well said!

frostbite 2 engine is a next gen engine in the current

the only thing i liked about that engine is animations but textures still suck

ATiElite2440d ago

Bravo! 3 Cheers! Hip Hip Hooray! what a glorious statement!

(The editor wrote it not me)

Just hate all these cry baby fan boys complaining about a Game Series they have never played. Battlefield 2 was on PC. It's just a shame we wasting time talking about the fanboys instead of the jaw dropping graphics of BF3 PC.

death2smoochie2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )


"People are just complaining that it does not look as good as PS3 top exclusives."

Here is the issue...

"Sony's first party devs were able to make those games..."

Not ONE of those PS3 exclusive games are rendering anything near what BF3 is doing. Name ONE PS3 game that is doing it.
KZ3, GOD 3, Uncharted 3...none of those games render fully dynamic destructible environments in real time...none of those games use a fully dynamic real time lighting engine.
None of those games are rendering Real Time Global Illumination.
None of those game engines are rendering in Real Time, Advanced Natural lighting/dynamic soft shadows.
None of those games are rendering Eye adaptation and high dynamic range lighting in Real Time.
Heck KZ3 does not even use HDR! It uses LDR and NAO32 and its NOT in real time the majority of the time.
Do you people KNOW how much bandwidth and memory and resources running those effects take?
It's resource intensive. Read about it...
It's the reason almost ALL console games this generation use mostly pre calcul;ated and pre baked effects to save resources...
Whenever you see a gamke use HDR in real time etc, Resolution is dropped. Almost ALWAYS.
LDR, NAO32 and pre baked lighting and pre baked soft shadows has become par of the course this generation for consoles.

Two developers wanted to go different for consoles:
Crytek and DICE...
And people BITCH that the game is not looking like a 1ST party exclusive...
I would LOVE to see Uncharted 3 and KZ3 use ALL REAL TIME EFFECTS AND LIGHTING AND DESTRUCTION just to name a few in its game engine and see if it ends up looking the same....Good luck with that.
There is a REASON these developers use pre calculated lighting and shadows and scripted destruction.

This would be an issue if Sony's 1st party developers HAD a game out looking like BF3 that HAD ALL THOSE EFFECTS RUNNING IN REAL TIME...They don't.

If anyone of you thought the PS3 could render this game in [email protected] then you need to drink more silly sauce.
KZ3, Uncharted 3, God 3 do not run in [email protected] and those games have none or little of the effects going on in those engines as the Frostbite 2.0 engine...So why would you think BF3 would run like the PC version?
Whats wrong with people

Brosy2439d ago

Well said. You just forgot to also mention the scale of Battlefield. It pulls off all that magic with the Frostbite engine on maps and areas that are freakin huge as well. I'm impressed with the console footage. I wasn't dense enough to think it would look as spectacular as the PC version though.

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Seijoru2440d ago

I think its mostly CoD fanboys starting this crap.

metsgaming2440d ago

definitely fanboys but i assure you the most of its not from COD fanboys ( on this issue about the game )

Miiikeyyy2439d ago

I doubt it, considering COD is just a shit fest

thebudgetgamer2440d ago

the demo was fine, some people are just curmudgeons.


Killzone 2-3 Still d king of graphics on consles (-_-)

metsgaming2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Uncharted 2 and soon to be uncharted 3. KZ is just to dark and i really dont see how it so amazing but KZ3 is much better then KZ2 was in that department.

Iroquois_Pliskin2439d ago

I am a big KZ faN, but KZ isnt open world doenst feature exploding buildings

Bonobo123452439d ago

Exploding buildings....... LOL

Iroquois_Pliskin2439d ago

lol its true have you seen the previous battlefield games

SKUD2440d ago

BF3 should of just stayed on PC. Problem solved. Thanks a lot EA.

Lucas222440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

there trying to get battlefield to sell as much as call of duty. Without the consoles it has no chance.

Jack-Dangerously2440d ago

You DO realize that the graphics on pc blow my ps3 out of the water right? So obviously it being on consoles has not effected your precious pc in the slightest..

It's the console version that has "suffered" not pc. So I guess I don't really get your point? Is your point that other people shouldn't get to enjoy your game? Or are you so diluted that you don't realize the pc version is vastly superior in both graphics and map size?

caboose322440d ago

His point is that DICE is trying their hardest to make a beautiful looking game and TONS of ps3 gamers are complaining about it. They never tried to "pretend" that all the versions would look as good as the pc when they showed it off. They were just showing the lead platform version of the game and what they were able to accomplish.

DICE doesnt deserve any of this criticism and none of this would have happened if it was only on pc. But being this generation, it would be silly not to release it on all platforms.