The Five Most Hated Brands in Gaming

Unreality Magazine - There has been a ton of venom pouring out of gamers the last few weeks and months, so much so that I can hardly keep track of it all. I do my best to cover it when I can on other sites, but today I wanted to discuss it with you all here.

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smoothdude2437d ago

You can add to that list. I had to click through multiple adds just to get to the article.

longcat2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

oh look! it sunday, no real news so........lets troll and be trolled.

I think there should be a bubble system for contributors, where we can limit their ability to submit garbage

jke822437d ago

rate down the site with the plus sign next to the link at the very least...sooo many blogs being passed off as news.. in the olden days of n4g a no name blog was instantly shot down as any kind of contributing article

BubbleSniper2437d ago

bubble system for contributors would be an excellent idea. pitch that to the N4G admins in the forum if you care to.

i wouldn't touch the circle jerk known as the forums if you paid me 10,000,000 internets

norman292437d ago

So the main story image from the site is an EA one yet the submitter put a Sony one up in this article....*cough* hits whore *cough*

NateNater2437d ago

@ smoothdude

Download Google Chrome if you aren't using it already. Then get the Chrome app called AdBlock. You'll never see an ad ever again.

Myze2437d ago

Adblock works just as well in Firefox, just as an FYI. Great app though, for whatever browser you use.

smoothdude2437d ago

Thanks, I use google chrome, and I didn't know about that plugin.

-Mezzo-2437d ago

I'll Move Activision to the Second Spot instead of EA. Other than that i agree with the list.

KILLERAPP2437d ago

Sony is a hated brand in gaming??? news to me...

manman62437d ago

yeah thats news to me too. After all the PSN stuff many gamer still love Sony.

nopunctuation2437d ago

Lol im glad I dont read the article.

coryok2437d ago

yea lol, and sony isny synonymous with bad security lol...

it took 3-4 years to hack the ps3, something thats never happened before. consoles are usually hacked months after release but ps3 went for years before a security flaw was found.

irritated with psn while it was down, ya, but hating sony because of a security problem? i dont think so. he just added sony so he could put it as the picture and get hits lol

Dac2u2437d ago

I agree, idiotic to put Sony on that list, they could have replaced Sony with Anonymous. They're not really a brand in gaming, but they're a name that many gamers despise right now.

darksied2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

As I've mentioned before, there's this big double standard in the gaming industry, and it works against Sony and EA, I think.

When Sony or EA do something wrong, no matter how small or stupid, people will make it out to be a big deal, and will hate them more than they would hate other companies for doing the same thing. Sony is hacked. What do people do? I haven't seen as much hate on one company in a LONG time. They go so far out of their way to fix things, and now finally people are kinda forgiving them (even though people even complained about the FREE stuff). And then Xbox live (supposedly), Sega, Bethesda, Epic, etc. are all hacked: nothing. No anger, just "I hate those hackers!" Total bullcrap.

EA gives exclusive non-unbalanced weapons to different regions for BF3 (blasphemy, right?). Conclusion: people calling them the devil and canceling pre-orders for the game, calling it BS and saying EA sucks, and this and that. As if this has never been done before. Then EA says EVERYONE will get the weapons later, and so things are only KIND of ok. Meanwhile, Activision, Ubisoft, etc. all pull the same crap (and Activision sells crap overpriced DLC maps for way too much money); What happens?: NOTHING. Maybe bitching for 1 day or so, but that's it. People don't like to hear it, but most people are hypocrites. You talk crap about something but you'll only talk SO MUCH crap if it's a company you actually like. If you hate them, you'll find any reason to crap on them, no matter how small. But ESPECIALLY on EA and Sony, two great companies.

Also, this article is outdated, because the Sony hack isn't what people are talking about, and it wasn't the E3 showing that made people stop talking about it. And the EA thing ... seriously, I could say a lot, but it's just crap. EA has bent over backwards to give everyone what they want; if people still think EA has done something wrong with battlefield, then those are people I don't want anywhere near the game.

WildArmed2436d ago

Not, but it's a great name to put in for massive hits :D


Considering Sony is one of the few gaming companies left that still feed the core gamers... I think it should be the other way around.

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thebudgetgamer2437d ago

gamers hate sony?

how many companies can sell a seven hundred dollar console successfully, sony can why? consumer loyalty.

sorry but fifteen years of gaming awesome can not be erased by one month of offline play.

Tilian2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

To me it has always seemed that this gen, it's become fashionable among the media to hate on Sony despite their successes.

Price, controller, online, PSN, etc. are constantly used to take a dig at Sony, despite their unrivalled software lineup.

WildArmed2436d ago

Agreed. Sony is still catering to the core. While the others seem to be looking into the 'new-er' market.

Nes_Daze2437d ago

LOL, it's the xbox fanboys and delusional pc fanboys that hate Sony. I frankly don't hate any companies.

NeoBasch2437d ago

Well, I dislike Activision for giving producers and business partners too much say in the game design process. I dislike Nintendo temporarily, mostly because of all the casual garbage and the fact that NoA still hasn't licensed Xenoblade or The Last Story. I used to dislike Ubisoft for the same reason, but they're getting better. I dislike Microsoft for closing a bunch of their first party studios and leaving behind some great IPs, but I don't hate any one particular company.