The Remarkable Virtual, Virtuous and Villanous Dads of Videogames

The GamerGaia Staff writes: Today is Father’s Day, that annual celebration when we all tell our Dads to put their feet up, lounging back in their chair while they drink from that excessively large mug with ‘World’s Best Dad’ on it that we’ve just bought for them because we couldn’t think of much else to get. In celebration of this noble day we here at GamerGaia present to you a fantastic list of memorable Dads from our gaming voyages; some are bad, some are good, some are epic and some are even huge and lumber around with drills for arms. Now you too can enjoy Father’s Day even more, so come delve further into Father’s Day and explore the rich and varied world of gaming fatherhood with us in this feature…The Remarkable Virtual Virtuous and Villainous Dads Of Videogames!

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GregoryAllen2583d ago

Much better than other lists that just mention a couple dads or ... well, probably better than some dads.

ares21al2583d ago

This is an interesting Take on Fathers Day

rmoar2583d ago

No love for father of the year John Marston I see.

flipmop442583d ago

Little known fact father's day used to be the busiest day of the year for collect calls. So yeah how that links to video games you ask? Well fathers get no love and all the blame.