CVG - Take-Two 'very excited' for Wii U

CVG - Rockstar parent company and home of Grand Theft Auto, Take Two Interactive, has said it's 'looking at' Nintendo's new Wii U console and is excited at the prospect of another successful HD console in the market.

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ATiElite2441d ago

take Two is happy to have more people picking up hookers, putting plastic bags over people heads, giving wedgies, and creating over-all mayhem.

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Why No GTA V or Agent at E3?

-Mezzo-2441d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if GTA 5 makes it way onto the Wii-U, infact it would be interesting to see how it's version stacks up to the other 2 Consoles PS3 & Xbox.

But seriously Take Two, Announce The Game Already.

NLGSean2440d ago

Yeah I can see GTA 5 on the Wii U... They can use the controller as a GPS map of the city...

frankymv2441d ago

I can totally see GTA V being a launch title for Wii U in spring 2012.

BrianG2441d ago

Same here, could be the reason they are keeping the game under raps for a little longer.

Doing production on the Wii U version.

Burning_Finger2441d ago

LOL. I doubt it

Most gamers on the Nintedo platform ranges from ages 2-16.

That's why most mature games don't sell well on that console.

eagle212441d ago

Stop burning your finger.....Nintendo is simply for everyone...except YOU! LOL

thehitman2441d ago

they dont sell well because mature gamers are smart enough to not buy a wii. But a Wii-U on the other hand maybe enticing enough if they get their online working better than what the wii slapped together.

mamotte2440d ago

Actually, most gamers are playing instead of posting on N4G

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NESpower2441d ago

The Wii U controller is perfect for GTA. Get creative Take-two.

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The story is too old to be commented.