EA and Activision at war: Megabucks legal scrap starts to sizzle

CVG: Oh, it's on. Forget Battlefield vs. Modern Warfare 3: the biggest, ugliest fight in gaming's recent history is already kicking off - not on consoles, but in courtrooms.

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BubbleSniper2590d ago

after reading this and a few other articles regarding the trial, it seems the Devil himself, will take the stand.

I wonder what kind of sorcery will spill forth from his mouth...

MRHARDON2590d ago

I can't wait till Activison is not allowed to release MW3! HAHAHA, I want to see everyones face at IW when they spent 2 years creating a game they can't release!

R_aVe_N2590d ago

I think they would just change the name lol

Baka-akaB2590d ago

yeah they'd just call it cod .. wich they wanted to do anyway a while ago

MRHARDON2590d ago

If they change the name, no one would buy it :D

And the game would be copying Call of Duty since it has Killstreaks, perks and other stuff that Call of Duty has.

So they cant just change the name cause they would have to make a new game since MW3 is based off MW2's story.

Baka-akaB2590d ago

the cod name is more than enough to sell . Most people dont even care wich studio is behind each cod title

MRHARDON2590d ago

COD is Call of Duty, if West and Zampella win, Activison can not use "COD" "Call of Duty" "Modern Warfare" or base any COD or Modern Warfare game in the vietnam era,before the vietnam era or distant future.

Shackdaddy8362590d ago

"Activision is seeking $400 million in damages for 'tortious interference, unfair competition, and breaches of fiduciary duty'."

Does that sound too high to anyone else. My god...

radphil2590d ago

I find it pretty ironic they're going with the "unfair competition" statement.

thehitman2590d ago

Activision withholding 125m in royalties thats a lot of cash really and if they are holding that then I say w/e west/zampella did was justified if they did do underhanded things w/ EA. You dont mess w/ the hand that's feeding you and thats what Activision did.

BubbleSniper2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

tbh, game's publishers are out of control. not all, but I will be bold enough to say many of the biggest players.

from over priced DLC, to trying to save a buck on bandwidth, by screwing customers over and selling them a 8-40kb file that unlocks content that they already bought.

makes me think games, themselves will be closed down tight in the future.

as for this scrap between the titans, I hope Activision loses the CoD name, then I'll stop calling it Call of Dookie. Imagine if West/Zampella were able to make another game with the same name again, under EA? that would be monumental.